Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Artists that inspire me: Stephanie Ledoux

Today's artist was in transit in Dubai on her way to China when she emailed me to give me permission to feature her on my blog.

Stephanie Ledoux is a French artist, who calls herself a traveller, journaler and designer.

When she was 13 she started keeping travel journals, whenever she travelled somewhere with her parents.

She kept on travelling, and now has more than 60 traveljournals, which she keeps as inspiration for bigger paintings when she's in her home studio in Toulouse.

One of her favorite things is incorporating materials she finds in the places she visits. She is always on the lookout for local papers, old schoolbooks, locally made paper, journals etc ....

I love how she makes her collages. She has a very unique way of uniting everything.

She doesn't seem to have a website, but she has 2 blogs: the one she uses now (if you take a look now, there's a post from a trip to Yemen (I think) .... I couldn't believe the beauty of the place! That tree! Those dunes! Aaaahhhh ...), and her old blog.
She's also on Pinterest. Go check it out, there's so much more eye candy there.

And I got featured too today! On Maria's blog Cozydoodle! Go take a look there too! Thank you so much Maria, I really appreciate it!

And that gesture of Maria got me thinking. There are so many of us with Etsyshops, and let's be honest: the more sales the better, right? Maybe we could help eachother by promoting eachothers' shops ...? I'm brooding on some ideas, but they're not ready to come out yet ... ;-)

More about that on Friday, when I'll be back for the Paint Party!

Thanks so much for visiting, for commenting, for just being here! See you on Friday! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Jeetje wat een knappe portretjes. Helemaal super.... ik vind deze stijl helemaal te gek. Leuk al die teksten door de tekeningen heen (iets wat ik zelf meestal niet durf) en dat zwart-witte met een ietsie pietsie kleur. Geweldig dat je haar hebt gevonden!! Ik ga ook eens naar haar blog kijken. Bedankt Denise!

  2. Schitterend al dit prachtige en verschillende werk Denise. Ga zo hun blogs even bekijken.
    lieve groetjes Marja

  3. thanks for sharing Denise, this artist is really amazing, this has to be one of my favourites. I also love the way she incorporates her collages. Good idea re promoting etsy shops, this may inspire me to re-open mine!

  4. How inspiring her art! I love so much how she incorporate the collages... thank you for sharing!! xox Conny

  5. WOW - yes, she is amazing!!! I am in love - thank you for the feature and the links - and now I'm off to check out your feature :)
    YESSSS, love your Etsy idea too - as a newbie - I'd love all the ideas that I can get, xoxo

  6. I do love her work!!!Thanks so much for sharing:)


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