Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Artists that inspire me: Cathie Joy Young

Cathie Joy Young is a painter from Portland, Oregon. I discovered her art about a year ago and was fascinated by her work.

It has a dreamy atmosphere, with lots of images that you don't always see at first glance.

She works in acrylics on wood panels, and also with acrylics and ballpoint pen. Which seems to me a rather interesting combination.

She describes her work as figurative with an abstract sensibility. She tells stories via imagery.

I love how there are figures everywhere, just popping up on the page.

There are lots of places that you can find her on the internet. If you want to see more, go visit her website, like her Facebookpage, have a look at her Flickr Photostream or follow her blog.

Thanks Cathie, for letting me feature you!

Meanwhile, I've been very busy in Photoshop, resizing and watermarking my images for Etsy, making new pictures, writing descriptions (still!) and generally trying to figure out how to do everything. Is it just me or is everyone needing so much time to do this .. !? Getting quite enough of it now! By the end of the week it will be up and running, no matter what! So check back in on Friday ☺

Managed to make a oneliner, and I'm also working on some new miniature paintings. Keeping busy ...

Haha! Love this quote! Funny thing is that it has happened to me a few times already .... I might be getting old ☺.

Well, thanks for visiting, don't forget to go drooling over Cathie's photos, and I'll be back again on Friday for the Paint Party! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Geweldige oneliner! Hahaha, ja dat gebeurt me ook al vaak en om maar niet te vergeten, dat ik alles vergeet. Sta ik bij de kast zo van.... wat moest ik ook alweer pakken?? Ja dat is echt erg :-)
    Bedankt voor je tip van Cathie. Zodra ik weer eens tijd heb, ga ik haar sites eens bekijken. Moet nog 4 gezichtjes :-)
    xxx Marianne

  2. Geweldig werk en zeker veel bij te ontdekken Denise.
    Bekend gegeven en heel herkenbaar. Het dagje ouder worden gebeurt toch gewoon.
    Fijne avond (is het hier tenminste) en lieve groetjes

  3. her work is is yours!
    love the dreaminess of your post!

  4. That quote on your one-liner cracks me up!!
    "figurative with an abstract sensibility" - that's a cool way for her to describe her work!

  5. The artist you have featured is so very interesting and I love what you have shown of her work. Your funny quote is so very seriously funny and happens to me all the time! I really loved that one! :-)

  6. Love her work1 That 4th one you show is fantastic ...I love her use of bold color♥


  7. Love the abstract element in her paintings.
    That quote is really funny.

  8. Oh! No 6! I just love photo no 6, fun and strong colors! :)

    Yes what is world without art.. I missed to visit my blog friends and I miss to draw and paint more.. that will come.. now I've started to visit my blog friends, and you are one of them! :) So happy for that!

  9. Hi Denise, her work is unusual and full of colour and life, thanks for sharing

  10. Great artists to be inspired by. :) Love your onliner girls. I find product descriptions the hardest to write.

  11. Wonderful feature!! Lovely work! :D

  12. Thank you Denice for featuring me and thanks for the nice comments about my work :)


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