Thursday, 1 November 2018

Inktober and map-calendar finished!!

I did it! I finished Inktober this year, and in one go I also finished my map-calendar :-D

Here are the last ladies of my Inktober-series:

I really enjoyed making this series. I wanted to make a small square book with all of them in it, but I couldn't find any print-on-demand shop that had square books in a small size. So alas, no book, unless I can find something else ...

I did however make my calendar! I haven't put it up for sale yet, because I 'm waiting for my copy. I always order one for myself first, so I can check whether everything is exactly as I want it before I put it in my shop. As soon as I have it and it's ready to sell, I'll give a shout-out!

Here are a few more pages:

I'll show all of the pages that are in there as soon as it's available for sale!

Linking to Paint Party Friday tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what everybody's been up to.

Ending, of course, with some funnies and thinkies:

missing summer ....

Thanks so much for your visit! It means a lot to me ♥
Hope you're having a great day and, my American friends, don't forget to vote :-)

I'll be back as soon as my calendar is available! Take care ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. congrats on getting both finished! :D

  2. Wonderful art, your Inktober and calendar pieces are fabulous. Love the last quote from Roald Dahl. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. Everyone of your Inktober ladies are with their thoughts are great. Love your fabulous map women. Maybe I would by the bold first one.
    Happy PPF and wonderful weekend xx

  4. Great collections of art and wisdom! Happy weekend!

  5. Hello Denthe, saw your comment over at Sirkkis's blog so thought I would come and say hello. Your inked portraits are tremendous and look great on the coloured backgrounds. My favourite is the one on pink and I also love the words, I think I'll keep them in mind. I also very much enjoyed the "funnies" - my favourite is the fashion style one, hahaha! so very true. The last three are brilliant too.

  6. These are wonderful. I,m certain the calendar will be perfect.

  7. Hooray on finishing Inktober!!! I loved seeing all your girls. And your map faces! (and of course the funnies and thinkies!) :D

  8. I like the b&w as much as the coloured ones. Congratulations on finishing a wonderful series!


  9. Congrats on completing Inktober!! I especially love all the sentiments you used on your girls. Wonderful map art too- I love the calendar you made last year:) Have a great weekend and happy PPF!

  10. Yay!!! You did it. These are all so wonderful. Have a great weekend.

  11. Wow you ink quotes ladies are just stunning. Happy PPF


  12. stunning....lovely arts
    Greeting - Evi Erlinda

  13. Congrats on finishing pieces and glad you got the calendar finished too.

  14. Congratulations!! What's next? heehee Just your art as you want now!
    Your artwork Denise is fabulous!I adore your women, they are strong and committed ,like you!
    hugs and love to you! Jackie xx

  15. you are so productive... and the ladies have a big impact. Full of detail and thoughtful words. I love the humor... especially "cant decide..." and Ozzy's quote, good on him!!! and My life can be summed up.... ain't that the truth!

  16. That is wonderful art! I love it! Your Intkobers are powerful.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  17. Congrats! I am so happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful art! I truly love it! Big Hugs!


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