Thursday, 19 July 2018

Taking it easy ...

Another inky face and journalpage this week. I still don't have time to start a new painting, but I'm happy I manage at least to do some journaling :-)

Here's my inky weirdo:

I love making these weird faces and then looking for a well-fitting quote to go with them. When I have enough of these, I might make them into a little booklet. Or maybe use them for a calendar :-)

I also made a new journal page. I have a few of these journals that I always use for my leftover paint whenever I'm doing something. So every now and then I go through them and see if something jumps out at me. And in this following page I saw an image of a mother holding a child. And it reminded me of the many many children that are still without their mother or father after being separated at the border in the US, so I painted it and added a quote from "Les Miserables" that I felt fitted the situation quite well. 

And that's it for this week! Well, actually for the rest of the summer, because I've decided to take a break from blogging to spend some more time with my family and outdoors. Take a digital break ;-) I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow, where quite a lot of people seem to be taking a summer break.

Just some funnies and thinkies left. I had to include a whole bunch of Trumps visit to Britain and Belgium (ughh!). I'm not going into this, it's just too much, but jeeezzz, what a disgusting selfish shit he is. Excuse the language ...

Enjoy :-)

- Amen -

I hope all of you are enjoying some lazy free time, getting your batteries charged and your creative juices flowing. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be back somewhere in August.

Take care ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. The Trump ones are my favorites! Enjoy the rest of the summer! See you in the fall! :D

  2. Beautiful journal pages. Enjoy your free time. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. The face's text is great and love your beautiful AJ page. Hope that MR T's visit here starts 'count down'.
    Happy PPF and holidays xx

  4. Enjoy your digital break...and thank you for sharing your beautiful art and "the funnies" with us today 💮

    Happy PPF 🎨

  5. wonderful inky weirdo and quote, but today i really love your touching mother and child piece. Thanks for the funnies, and enjoy your summer break!

  6. I LOVE your homage to all the children that have been victimized. Happy PPF and Blessings!

  7. love the heat comment. Hmmmm we move to Colorado and all the people we meet are saying it's been hotter than ever here, consistently. I ask is this the new normal? Could climate change be, ahem, real?

  8. The mother and child painting is just gorgeous and so full of feeling. I love it and it's a beautiful homage.

    Thanks for the funnies too!

  9. Beautiful pieces today Denthe, love the funnies too!

  10. Gorgeous mother and child! Enjoy your break (and the family) and we will see you this fall. Happy PPF

  11. Beautiful works of art and so many smiles given from your funnies.
    Happy PPF & Enjoy your break and family time.
    Creative wishes Tracey

  12. Beautiful art as always. Have a great break see ya when you come back.

  13. I love your funny face quote too - it's super cool! I am also loving your funnies that you share. I hope you enjoy your Summer break - mine will begin on Friday this week! Happy PPF from Number 30 :D

  14. The first one is my favourite today

    much love...

  15. I am glad you found some time to post here! I love seeing your journal pages.
    ~~ Irene

  16. both of your journal pieces are a joy to see and full of wonderful meaning. Fun to hear that you do the art first and then find the quote.

    Thanks for the thinkie funnies.

  17. Have a great summer my friend! Thank you for your great art! I love your faces! I love the emotion and feeling you put into all your art! Thank you for the funnies!! Big Hugs!

  18. Your first face is awesome and I love the quote- wherever do you find them?
    Your second piece however,it so stunning and poignant and yes,absolutely represents those at the border- just makes my heart sick...

    I am ever so happy for you that you have chosen to take time off! because of DT commitments I can not "( But I am thinking of you ,tending your garden and lazing in the shade...and maybe doing a bit of painting!

    Sending huge hugs to you dear friend with lots of love!

    oh, and never worry about the language you use when referring to the big were being nice compared to my feelings!
    and those funnies...omg the weather one and the picture ones made me crack up!! I did that photos thing so many times and wasted so much film and money! haahaa
    Love the flying pig as well! LMAO
    love you xoxo

  19. Wonderful pages, and what a great quote! It's good to take some time offline from time to time. Enjoy the summer days, hope you'll get some time for painting too :)

  20. Enjoy your break! I always love seeing what you are doing!


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