Friday, 23 June 2017

Still busy

The kids have finished their exams and it's only one more week until the summer holidays start. Can't wait! This week has been unbelievably hot here, we're having a heatwave and there hasn't been any (sufficient) rain in a long time. Tonight it finally cooled off a bit, and hopefully tomorrow it'll rain. That's something I don't usually say, but now it's really necessary. The poor farmers are getting desperate ....

I finished another week in my journal. I decided not to use the stamps anymore to write down what had happened, but I'm not thrilled with how my handwriting looks. Still have to figure out a way that I like ...

It's looking a bit blue-ish because I took the picture outside when it was already getting dark. I had so much fun "dressing" them with collage :-) I want to do more drawing on there, but there's not enough space. Maybe I should write a bit less. Still experimenting.....

This is how it started:

I also did another map-spread. To deal with my feelings of horror concerning that horrible fire in London. Those poor people... Imagine being trapped like that, with no where to go and no saving in sight. It must be devastating for the ones who lost loved ones.

And that's it again. I'm linking to Paint Party Friday, as always. There seem to be less people participating lately. I wonder if it's because of the summer, or because less people are blogging. It looks like Instagram is taking over from blogging. I still prefer reading blogs though, so I sure hope people will continue to blog....

Anyway, time for the funnies!

And the ones to think about ...

Thanks so much for your visit! Enjoy your day and have a beautiful loving weekend ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Great post and I love the art. Your writing is truly lovely. I wouldn't even attempt it. LOL I too noticed that we have lost people On PPF. Hopefully it is because of the summer time. I don't do "phone" and instagram doesn't do PCs so I am OOL. The heat is so sever in parts of the US too. We happen to be having some beautiful days. Hurrayy....

  2. Beautiful art, love the map faces especially, with their wonderful message. The journaling is great. Love the funnies, too, you always find good ones. I hope blogging continues, I think Instagram and Twitter bring the ultra-quick satisfaction that people seem to crave these days. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Your journal spread looks beautiful, Denise. I think your hand writing looks good. I don't like mine and often write printed letters instead. The map spread is fabulous and very intense. It's so awful what happened in London. It's unimaginable what those trapped people had to go through.
    Thank you for the great funnies and the ones to think about.
    xo Julia

  4. What amazin difference! We are living in quit near location, and we have had exeptioally cold weather. In the northest part of Finland it is snowing 😕 Here in the southern is very cool.
    Your art is interesting as usual. Thanks for funnies 😂
    Happy summer 🌸

  5. We have a heatwave here too at the moment, but unfortunately, it's not quite over yet. Still a few more days to go. And I really don't like summer and hot temperatures. I really like your journal idea, and how the two heads developed. Beautiful and expressive map page.

  6. Beautiful work! We are having too much rain in Toronto.

  7. Every single blog I've visited so far today has mentioned the heatwave - it seems it isn't just the rest of the UK like I thought but the rest of the planet that's getting a really hot summer while the far north of Scotland languishes as always under a thick grey cloud!! I'm so fed up with the lack of summer up here - it's the same every year and every year I hope it might be different!! I'm still wearing a woolly hat to walk the dogs, ffs!!

    Anyway, I always love visiting your blog because you have such a mix of whimsical art and meaningful art and you always choose the best memes to share. Funny enough I literally said pretty much the same thing about how people seem to be blogging less. I know I certainly have been and I've noticed that a lot of folk who always blogged and shared to PPF just aren't doing it anymore. I do like Instagram because it's easier and I can share more often but then when I think I might just not bother blogging any more I feel guilty because it was my blog that started my way back to art nearly 7 years ago. It just takes so much longer to write a blog post and then it gets maybe a handful of visitors - I guess I'm doing it for myself but I think at some point it will probably be consigned to history.

  8. Love your journal pages Denise! That is a beautiful map face spread too. Yes, how devastating and sad to see and hear about that fire.
    The heat has been on here too but I don't mind.
    I'm hoping that the reason there aren't as many link ups is because of the Northern hemisphere summer and vacations. I so look forward to catching up on blogs- and they are more personal too. I don't use instagram nor do I participate in the other social media so I'd be sad to lose those whose art and posts I've come to love to visit.
    Hope things cool a bit for you and you do get your much needed rain. Happy PPF!

  9. Your faces are always so expressive but isn't it interesting how much the maps add. This again, expresses the pain we all feel for fellow human beings. Worried about your handwriting? Your printing has served you well on your map faces, would it work in the journal? Happy PPF

  10. Wow, this is gorgeous! And the handwriting is to be envied! I'm with you on the blogging thing. I don't do Instagram so I am missing more and more of the artists' posts, I guess.

  11. I'm doing a rain dance for you RIGHT NOW. Does that count as my exercise for the day?? ;o) Have a cooler day tomorrow my friend. Hugs.

  12. I love to visit here! I understand how you feel about your handwriting but it's who you are! Believe me, your kids will appreciate that you wrote in your authentic hand someday. And as always, thanks for the funnies! :D

  13. Another gorgeous map face..and yes that was a horror. The UK has had a rough go of it lately. I like the depth and intimacy in blogs!! Summer does tend to slow down visitors I've noticed! We are to have a heat wave this weekend. I'm hydrating as I read this!! I feel for you, I don't do heat well at all!! Wet towel around my neck is a temporary fix with fans of course!! Love the 5 rule too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I really like your journal pages, the drawings are lovely and your writing looks just fine to me... but we each have our ideas on what works best for us don't we.

    Your map people are lovely as is the sentiment expressed.
    Big hugs and thanks for the funnies too :D)

  15. Congratulations to your children for Abi!
    The Journal page is wonderful!The figures are great!
    An impressive beautiful map showing the evil of the fire!
    Have fun!
    I'm glad that with me on the north coast is no heat with 19 degrees. This morning.
    I hope that with you the heat bit after leaving again.
    Happy weekend

  16. Great art journal pages! Collaging clothes on figures sounds very enjoyable to me! Love the funnies...especially the cats in the suitcase. And I think if we called it baby earth, instead of mother earth, it might help people figure out we have to take care of our environment!

  17. Love your journal spread. And the map spread looks fantastic!

  18. Your artwork always touches me Denise. The quote on your map piece brought me to tears today.
    I do hope your summer heat cools off a bit and summer becomes more comfortable-ours is crazy weather as well, never ending rain 1 hot day then coolness sets in! I am afraid all of my husbands hard work in the garden is for naught "( How is your garden growing? I'll email you soon-
    love to you,
    Jackie xo

  19. Ha Denise,we hebben hier ook een hittegolf gehad, en zijn ook aan een buitje toe!
    Maar hier zijn toch weer mooi kunst werkjes te bewonderen.........
    Het bloggen,is gewoon leuk, dus wij blijven zo lang wij het leuk vinden.
    liefs groetjes

  20. maybe cut and paste letters since you enjoyed the collage?

    i hate people that complain about the disable spaces, yes there are bigger problems in the world, but that space that is closer to the door means I might make it to the door without falling :/

  21. Wonderful pages, I really like the one with maps on the faces. Love the memes.

  22. I love both of your page spreads! The colours on the map one are beautiful! I'm popping by to answer the question you left on my blog - you asked how I don't have a problem with the ink running when I paint a watercolour piece. I use pigma micron pens which are waterproof and I've always found them to be fantastic - no bleed and a solid black colour :) Hope that helps! x

  23. That battle between sleep and the internet is becoming a reality for many.

  24. I'm not giving up blogging!
    Your art is amazing! You put so much feeling into it! I really love your pieces!
    I love the roofer at the beach joke! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  25. Lovely paintings! The second one is saying so much about the horror and the fear. the facial expression tells everything.


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