Thursday, 1 June 2017

another month, another wallpaper ....

One of my favorite months has just started. And the weather here has been amazing. I so enjoy the warm sun, being able to walk around without a jacket, having the windows open all day. It has been quite hot last week, too hot for the time of year, but I still like that much more than cold and rain.

So, to celebrate the start of June, I made a new wallpaper. Here it is:

And you can download it here if you want it on your computer as well :-)

I also made some new map-people, with quote of course ....

not easy sometimes, but so necessary ....

That's all for this week. I have been experimenting with different kinds of journaling. I'm still trying to make art a daily practice, and I'm always complaining that the days fly by so fast and wondering what on earth I have done during the day. So I kinda want to combine the two, and make a kind of diary journal. I'm still thinking about how exactly and trying out some ideas. At the same time I'm experimenting with digital journaling. I don't know enough yet about layers and masks and all those technical things. But it's so much fun and I'll figure it out somehow :-) I hope I can show something next week!

I'll be linking to Paint Party Friday. Why don't you join in!? It's a great group of artists, and they always welcome new people.

I will end with some funnies, and oh my, how I needed them this week. Especially now that Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris climate deal. What an absolute ass!! How can the people that still support him live with themselves?? It's a mystery to me...
Anyway, I'll just enjoy the funnies ... (and I hope you do too!)

And here's a link to a short clip that had me laughing out loud. Don't know whether it works. but if it does, it's worth watching :-D

And of course, this wouldn't be complete without the more serious ones ....

Take care of yourself today, and have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for visiting ♥♥♥


  1. In light of the news......your funnies are a great relief! Thanks!

  2. Your funnies are great!!! Love the cat with the pasted on eyes :)
    Beautiful artwork always!!!
    Happy PPF 💕

  3. I really love these two pieces and thanks for the wallpaper. I am so upset with what happened today with dt that I needed the funnies.

  4. Both your pieces are fabulous and meaningful. Love the funnies! Thanks for sharing, we need to be able to laugh in these dark times. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. First, the link works and it's SO funny, thank you my friend. Second I sure do love your work, every week there's something more beautiful than last week. And the funny about watching an hour of hoarders? YEP, done that and thought the SAME thing, I'm totally ok with that, hehehe. Hugs from here.

  6. o very fabulous and pretty the Wellpaper!The Funnies is cool!
    Happy Day

  7. Thanks for the beautiful wallpaper - very much appreciated :D)
    The art of your map people is incredible and the quotations they encompass are so meaningful, heartfelt and important.
    Thanks for the funnies too. Happy PPF

  8. Thanks for the great page. I'm waiting for your digital art.
    I'll make one from Mr Trump's last step...
    Happy PPF ♥

  9. brilliant art Denise!! I'm sure your digital art is going to be just as fab. Thanks for the funnies too. Happy PPF!

  10. Een mooie  wallpaper van de maand juni leuk  de maand waar ik in jarig ben,
    met de haren in de wind ,mooi Denise, met de kleur blauw, net of je het wist.
    fijn dat  je zo geniet van  het warme weer, en het maken van je kunst!!
    kan goed samen.................
    wens je een goed Pinksterweekend!!
    liefs een groetje

  11. Love the map people, Denise. Wise words for sure.

  12. That last photo is so moving and true sigh! Beautiful art as well.

  13. Your art speaks truth and reminds us of how we want to feel and be ... though I have to say that The Trumpster makes it hard to even get up in the morning and be hit with the first set of his asinine headlines that just keep coming and coming. I can't help thinking this will end some day ... but not soon enough for me. My hope is that he leaves us enough to recover with. Love your funnies ... they are right on!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  14. Love your blue hair lady - SO cool! And, I really like your "beach body" funny, too! Happy PPF :)

  15. I haven't stopped by for a while. I came by to check out your art but I forgot how much I love your funnies :)

  16. A fabulous wallpaper for June! And also I love the second piece, so much different feelings discovering me when I watch it and read its words. the persons you have painted are so communucating with the words.
    By the way, my process consist of even more photos, but many of the photos were too bad, so I just posted a "few". I hardly recognize the step by step myself :D

  17. lol at the hoarders one :p

    lovely wallpaper :)

  18. I laughed at the hoarders one too...good concept!! Love your artwork as always.You map girls are so filled with hope!! Beautiful work and great funnies...always a good variety here!! Glad you are making time in your day for's the only way!! Can't wait to see what you come up with digitally....have fun!!! One day at a time!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. Your art just resonates so wonderfully with the world these days and I really admire you for using it to make people think.
    I can't believe that joke of a president can do that - the whole world is affected by America's actions. The quote of his that makes me want to scream is 'we can leave a little bit (of the environment) but we can't destroy business' what an absolute tool of a man. Unfortunately those who support him also believe the brainwashing that climate change is made up (& a man in the sky created the world only 6000 years ago).

  20. Denthe, i always love visiting here because I know I'll laugh. ;) LOVE your art, as always. Those map girls are fabulous... and the funnies crack me up! Thanks for sharing. xo

  21. It's wonder-full here! The art, the words and the laughs. Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing how you resolve the journaling. I continue to want to learn to create digitally but do not want to tak time from my studio art so I guess that's where I'll stay :)

  22. thank you for the wallpaper and the journaling is wonderful- speaks truth.
    So your weather is hot? Have the seeds done anything for you yet? ours are just starting to pop out! let me know if you need more!
    Sending love and hugs my friend!
    Jackie xx

    ps- Your funnies are the funniest!! LOL

  23. Your artwork is so beautiful and touching! Thanks for the funnies and quotes! Big Hugs!

  24. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Climate deal goes on to 2020 and I believe we'll probably have another president, so you really don't have to worry. I love the art Great June. . .but the quotes are over the top, thank you for so many laughs. Blessings, Janet


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