Thursday, 26 January 2017

another fast week

I managed to do a bit more this week, but didn't finish my painting yet. It's getting there though, I guess it'll be finished next week, if I can manage to work on it that is... :-)

I'm still not sure whether I like this darker background. I think the next one will be white(-ish) again.
Here are some detailshots:

 Lots of birds, as usual :-)

I also made a journalpage, inspired by the womans' march. Because, after the depressing inauguration, the womens' marches all over the world cheered me up immensely. I was so proud so many women (and men) stood up, it restored my faith in humanity, and makes me believe and hope that maybe, all together, we can do something and stand strong.

I started out on a page in my artjournal that had only a bit of colour from leftover paint and gesso. I took a marker and just let it slide very randomly over the page, so I got this:

Then I started looking for figures, and brought them out.

While I was working on it I had the line in my head "we won't back down", so I decided to use that, and then remembered this song by Tom Petty. Looked up the lyrics and used some more of his lines.

This is how it ended up:

Linking to Paint Party Friday again. Click on the link to see more art from all over the world.

My funnies this week will mostly center around everything that's going on in the US. And there are a lot, because I can't choose .... I have noticed that there's a lot of bitching going on on social media, and some of the artists and poets that I admire and follow have been attacked by people thinking they should just keep to their art and shut up about politics. While this is no political blog, and I don't intend to make it that way, all that's happening in the US at the moment has a profound effect on me. It worries me, it scares me, and it angers me. One way of dealing with it for me is looking at funny memes, because, let's be honest, laughing takes the edge of everything. I very much believe in the healing power of humor. As much as in the healing power of art. So I won't separate the two, even if I risk alienating visitors to my blog.

So let's make a deal: if you don't like me making fun of the new president, I suggest you just skip the funnies (although maybe read the ones to "think about" at the end ;-) ) . But please refrain from giving me a lecture and telling me to butt out, because I won't. It's as simple as that!

So here they are :-)

Here are some great signs from the women's marches:

these last 2 pics are the best. Love these people ♥

And here are a few (because it's necessary) to think about:

Let's end in a good way:

Thanks for visiting and leaving uplifting comments. Enjoy your day, and have a great weekend showered with love and kindness. See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I hope you continue with your funnies about "that man" gets scarier every day and we're only a few days into his presidency.

    This is your blog to do with as you please and if people don't like what you put on here all they have to do is not visit. It's as simple as that. No need to be mean about it. Just don't visit. But I, for one, will continue to visit because I love your art and I love your funnies.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE every single word (and art) here! It's YOUR blog! You say any damn thing you want! If someone doesn't like it they can quietly leave. I, for one, will keep coming back! ♥♥♥♥

  3. Love how you used the lyrics on your journal page! And the gotta laugh pot we cry funnies. We had a great range at our match, probably a thousand (town is about 30,000) ...
    my art SiStar Sepha's Musé nudged her to do a community canvas, so we passed out pink thread during the speeches (~700 folks in the Ballroom) and then offered black paint to "make a mark" ... it was so uplifting and such great energy! XxxX love ya!

  4. Your projects are looking fab so far

  5. Love your art, and keep ranting about Donald, we need to keep going till everybody joins in. Love those 2 oldies, just great.Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Dear Denthe, your blog, your rules :D)
    Beautiful drawings and paintings - oh I do love to read about how they come into existence. Your choice of colours is fabulous too - that in itself is an art!
    Your painting is certainly coming along - beautifully too. Cheerio :D)

  7. Wonderful AJ page, love it. As well the funnies, especially of Trump. We are a small country in the neighbourhood of Russia and are used to be afraid. Now we must be afraid even what happen in the USA.
    Wishing you peace ful happy weekend ♥

  8. Gorgeous! I like that blue background, and I love the "blackboard" background for your printing.
    A visit to your site is always inspiring and interesting and I must confess, I haves "stolen" a couple of your funnies for my family Facebook page. Happy PPF

  9. I like how your painting is progressing - maybe you felt compelled to go with a dark background because of all the darkness in the world just now. Like you I have to find the humour in the current world situation because, honestly, it terrifies me what this egomaniac is capable of. It says it all that he's still banging on a bout voter fraud and how many people attended his inauguration instead of actually showing a little diplomacy and dignity like his predecessor did He's not fit to clean Obama's shoes never mind fill them. And it does affect all of us regardless of whether we're American because his actions have worldwide repercussions not least the damage he's going to do to the environment and other species in his quest to make ever more money for the big oil and animal agriculture corporations that he's in bed with.

  10. I LOVE your painting with the dark blue background Denise! I get a kick out of reading your funnies-I don't know where you continuously find so many. Keep em coming, along with your fabulous art of course. Happy PPF!

  11. Denise I love the dark background of this piece. You have such talent to see images and bring them to life. I love love love your "funnies" This is my opinion and not up for argument. We all still have the right of free speech. I do live in the US and this is by far the most unsettled, scary times in my 65 years. This nation is not only torn apart and divided with strangers, but friends and family members are arguing their differences to the point of anger, fighting and breaking up of families. trump is accomplishing exactly what he intended. Separate, dominate, dictate. If anyone stands up to him he gets rid of them and replaces with someone who will do his bidding. Everyday he signs away the good that past presidents of decades have put into place. He cares not about the people of the land only his billionaire buddies who pal around with communists. If you think this is an American problem you are misreading and underestimating what is happening. WE all must keep informed with honest fact checking news and in any small or large way stand for the rights of all people.

  12. Love how the new painting is coming along! It's gorgeous. I really like the dark background and think it works really well. Love the journal page too. I enjoy your art process!

    Love your funnies. The Alternative Facts kids' book is hilarious :)

  13. Your art is wonderful and I love the dark background...I also enjoyed your captions on the funnies :)

    Happy PPF!!!


  14. Oh Denise!!!! I love your post today!!! I am so scared for my country and it's people!!! Your funnies are fantastic and RIGHT ON!!!

  15. wonderful to see your art unfold and come to life.
    I feel this way too: It worries me, it scares me, and it angers me.

  16. I like the dark background and I love the imagery you are putting in this painting!


  17. Denise,hoe je ook begint of eindigt, het is altijd prachtig wat je maakt!!
    jou kunst is jou zonnige kant..........
    De wereld is in beweging met goed ....en kwaad,het maakt soms angstig.
    Maar we blijven positief en geloven in waar we voor staan.
    groetjes Christiene.

  18. Hi Denise, I am always so interested in how you "pull" peopel and creatures out of your backgrounds. A very timely piece of art in these historic times.
    My daughter said at dinner last night that she can't stop weeping! My 95 year old mother sat in her wheelchair with a sign made by my cousin and they were at the rally in Austin TX.
    Keep your chin up!

  19. Denise, your dark background really "makes" this! The startling and beautiful background brings out the images better than white would. I really love this one. I'm tired of politics, funnies included.

  20. when I read the news now, its always with a sense of dread and sadness for what the orange man child is doing :/ he has no business in politics. love the angry stabbing stich sign photo lol

    I like the dark background, makes the colours pop :)

  21. Dear Denise,
    Many will look at your blog, read your thoughts and refrain from commenting,because they fear what others will think.
    Many others like pages on FB and refrain from liking or commenting on political or "bothering" posts, because, they are afraid what others will think.
    Myself, I am my art,my hopes,my dreams,my beliefs,my personality,my soul, I am all of these and more that make me up as a whole- you cannot separate any of these from me. I believe this is the same with you.
    Continue to make and share your art and inspire us!
    Continue to speak about your thoughts and feelings and inspire us.
    Continue to post your cartoons and make us laugh,feel pain,
    and Think-Inspire us!
    and of course, as the others have said,Your Blog~Your Rules!
    I love you for all of who you are Denthe!
    #UnitedWeStand #TogetherAroundTheWorld

    XoxoX Jackie

  22. I always enjoy seeing how your pieces evolve. I very much liked your white one, but I think the dark works very well too. And what a great journal page! These are indeed scary times, and what happens in the States, or elsewhere in the world, affects us all some way or another. I totally agree, it's your blog, your rules, your place. I always enjoy your funnies!


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