Thursday, 9 June 2016

in progress ...

I have been working in our bathroom this week. Well, mostly I've been thinking about how to continue and trying things out in my journal. Don't know whether you remember but I got the idea for the bathroom from this artist. I loved what she did, but after I tried it out on a wooden box, I decided that just flowers isn't really "me". I wanted to include birds and fish.

But since I painted all the different colours in there, I keep discovering faces. Mostly profiles, but still. So I decided to just go with the images that appeared to me. But how? Sandra Kaye used a black Sharpie-marker to draw her flowers, but I'm afraid that the black is going to make it too dark. I still like the result though. So I decided to try two different styles in my journal. The first one with figures lined with black:

I made the background a bit less chaotic by painting it with gesso and then adding a transparant colour to it.

The second one is using different colours for the contours of the figures, and only use black very sparingly:

In this one I left the background as it is, I just added some highlights to the figures to make them stand out more.

To be honest, I'm still not sure which technique I should use. So I would love to know what you think! Black lines or no black lines (or at least not many). I'm really curious as to how you would do it :-)

I did bring out a few figures in the bathroom already. They just kept jumping out at me, and I really wanted to start. I didn't use black for these (except for the eyes), because it's easier to put some black on top than take the black away.

It is going to take a (long!) while before I finish it, but it's so much fun :-)

Here are my funnies for this week:

Okay, time to go to sleep! I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday. Thanks so much for your visit, and please let me know which method you like most: black or no black. I'm really curious :-)

Enjoy your day and make the weekend a good one! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. After careful consideration (lol) although I like both, I'd say minimal black seems more your style, IMHO. Which do YOU like better? That's all that really counts! ;)

  2. Both styles are great. Hard to choose. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Your paintings are fascinating and the sketches so promising...
    Thanks for fun words and cute pictures that gave me s big smile xx

  4. I would say no black lines. Your colour speaks for itself and described the forms perfectly. In a way I think the line detracts from the fludity. I love how you are translating your work onto such a big scale. Perhaps I should collage my bathroom!! There's an idea! ;)

  5. I like the second technique best. As Paper rainbow writes, your colors speak for themselves. :) <3

  6. These are as always gorgeous. Love seeing how they are coming along. You have such a great sense of color! :) Erika

  7. I am drawn to the one without the black lines. I prefer how you use the colour itself to define the outlines of the faces and birds and I think it would look softer on your bathroom walls. what does your family think as they'll be the ones looking at it most often?

  8. I think sticking to the style that is more you is the beat. The bold black lines are nice but would be over whelming in a small place I think. But you know I rarely know what I'm talking about :) No art for me this week. It's summer time :)

  9. these are beautiful samples of your symbolic and colorful art Denise! I think the idea of adding some black is more suited to you, and I also feel that doing it that way allows for more imagination and interpretation of images. Happy PPF!

  10. That's going to be some spectacular bathroom. Glad the figures are leaping out as always. Can't wait to see it all finished. xox

  11. Your bathroom is going to be a wonderful place of art! I like both with and without black. I think I like best where there is a use of black, but only a little. Most of your paintings you achieve that demarcation without black and have dark playing against light. I think I like that best of all.

  12. What a stunning place your bathroom is going to be... everyone will want to visit!
    I like both techniques, but I always have to add some black outline to my work. I suppose that's me, but as long as you like either then that's the way to go.
    Enjoy and Happy PPF to you

  13. No black lines for's not your style... I LOVE black lines it's me. Truly you need to stick with your own gorgeous style... if you don't you will regret it and wish you had. You can always add them later if you can't live with the results!! I have always loved the bathroom Sandra did too...but like Alisha Burke....check out her walls too...they stick with their own style!! On this page my favorites are what you have started at the feels freer and less contrived...Go with your has never steered you wrong! So far it's sooo beautiful and uniquely you! I hope you will give us tiny play by plays before the big reveal! I think that would be fun! It's going to be gorgeous...I can see that already!! Can't wait... Just enjoy the bathroom as your daily canvas.... too much thinking Said with love!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Wow, it's going to be a wonderful place to hang out, tee hee. always great work.

  14. My comments keep going in the wrong place. Denthe just know that your work is always outstanding. Anything you paint is always worth a long look.

  15. I think the second one... while the black lines do add some perspective/depth, my eye flows more easily and comfortably in the second. It is a more peaceful look - i.e. one that you will not get tired of๐Ÿ˜Š.

  16. Hi,
    I really like the one outlined with black. But I like the blues and greens better than the other group of colors, so maybe that is why I like that one better.

  17. I like both styles! What if you used both, but on different walls? Otherwise, it is just too hard to decide. Ok, after further reflection, I do like the black outlines. But I like both. LOL

    The tiny girl with the statue is the cutest thing!

  18. I do believe the way you are progressing is just Perfect Denise!! I love the faces and flowers you have already created as well as just the right amount of black you have used! Perfect!
    hugs xx


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