Thursday, 11 February 2016

29 faces challenge: all my faces so far :-)

The kids have one week off from school, so this week we have been painting and doing things in our new house and there wasn't that much time for art. But I did something every day! I couldn't keep up with posting every day though, so now I'm posting every 2 or 3 days. So far it's going well.

I'll show you all the faces I've made so far. Today's face was a little intuitive painting. This is what I started with:

I saw a big eye and a chin ....

So I brought it out ....

This is yesterday's face: watercolour sketch:

I don't use watercolours very much, but every time I do I really enjoy it. It works a lot faster than acrylics which comes in handy when you're short on time :-)

And here are the other faces I did until now:
The first one: sketch in graphite 

Second one: another small intuitive painting

Third one: the first of my weird ones ;-)

Number 4: another sketch in graphite

Fifth face: a quick ink-drawing

Sixth face: graphite and marker

Face number 7: another weird one (I will have to practice a lot more with these text stamps .... :-) )

Number 8: the one with the bird in her hair...

And the 10th face: coloured pencil sketch inspired by Jane Davenport

That's it for now. Can't believe I did 11 faces already! This is such a fun challenge! And very good practice!

That's it for now. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting in such beautiful ways. I will get back to visit everyone who comments here, even if it takes a few days :-)

Linking to Paint Party Friday, to Show your Face and to 29 faces. Hop on over to those blogs and treat yourself to some eye-candy!

Finishing with my funny of the week:

hahaha ... right! I do that :-)

I'll be back in 2 days with my next 2 faces! See you then ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Its great seeing all those faces. Well done for keeping up. That is so true about the junk food. I do that too.

  2. These are ALL great but today's is a stunner! ♥♥♥ (I do the same thing with the junk

  3. Wonderful faces. Thanks for the tip - off to eat up all the junk food here. Happy PPF, Valerie

  4. I love seeing all your faces when you do this challenge. I'm especially loving the small intuitive paintings as they are always my favorite of yours but the little weird ones are really cute too!

  5. hello Denthe,
    i so enjoyed seeing each of your ladies
    they are lovely and charming each.

  6. Oh what a cornucopia of wonderful faces so full of character.
    Tried to choose favourites, really difficult. I love the "different" ones with the great words, so true, and your watercolour one, very delicate and pretty, and the pencil one underneath with super drawn hair.
    And you did all these with the children off school and a new house to attend to? - gasp!

  7. Always marvelous hair going on, like sculptural energy. xox

  8. I love the girl with the bird in her hair!!!

  9. Really stunning faces. The first is my favorit, she has so much to tell me...
    Happy PPF as well as Valentines Day ♥

  10. They all look great. Well done on keeping up with the project. Happy PPF

  11. I love seeing these watercolour paintings! Is there anything you cannot do! Haha! Love them allll!

  12. Ha Denise, weinig of geen tijd, je laat weer zo veel mooie dingen zien
    jou fantasie die je in verf uitwerkt, is een genot om naar te kijken.
    liefs een groetje

  13. what a brilliant collection of faces Denise!! I love them all, just amazing art all around.

  14. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE all the faces you've done so far. In fact, I love everything you create. You are so talented.

  15. I love how all your faces are completely different!

  16. Denise you are need to be teaching!! Such a unique spread of face and fun! So current and marketable!! Love them...someone needs to scoop you up for licensing! I would gravitate to your ladies and their saying on a mugs in local shops any day!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. I love all your work, Denise, but today, face #7 is my absolute favorite. I just love that face.

    2. Always awesome work. Hi Denise, good to see your work again. Great faces. Happy PPF!

  17. Love all your faces--they are so expressive and filled with personality. Have a lovely weekend! xo

  18. Your faces are so different unique and each has such personality! How do you do it?? Love each one Denise!
    How's the house coming along/ Looking forward to photos,my friend!

  19. I really do love seeing all of your faces together. Each one inspires.

  20. Love all of the Faces Denise ! The challenge is what gets me through the dreary days of February . It's so cold here right now :(

  21. Amazing faces Denthe, the first one reminds me of one of my students. I do like the first weird one :)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Love and hugs

  22. Stunning and very inspirational artwork - enjoyed looking at them all!
    Gill x

  23. Denthe, i love ALL of these faces... your intuitive paintings are incredible. I actually forgot about the 29 faces in February!! :( Wonderful work here. Enjoy your week off with the kids. xx


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