Tuesday, 9 February 2016

29 faces: 2 more!

Two faces today, the one from yesterday and the one from today.

Yesterday's is a sketch with graphite and marker:

And the one from today is a coloured pencil drawing inspired by Jane Davenport:

I hope tomorrow I will have time to paint something!
I'll be back in 2 days :-) Thanks for visiting ♥


  1. Love the bird in her hair!! And the colored pencil sketch is simply beautiful.

  2. Love them both, and the bird in the hair! Fun! xo

  3. More great faces :) I'm also finding that it's easier to get the art in than it is to post about them :( So I just may have a big Friday post :)

  4. Her hair on that top drawing make a perfect and safe nest to that bird, lovely!


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