Thursday, 3 December 2015

Back again !

This being the busiest time of the year, I don't really succeed anymore in writing a blogpost every week. But here I am again :-)

Last weekend I had my first Christmasmarket, so I spent the week before putting the finishing touches to everything. Which always takes up much more time than I count on. With a lot of last-minute stress and late nights as a result. But it was fun and I sold quite a bit.

Here are some things I've been making:

A few boxes:

Some wooden hearts with a (Dutch) quote:

A few mixed media branches (these were fun! I'll definitely make some more ☺)

I also got my copies of my 2 calendars and I'm very happy with how the colours came out:

And I got my colouring books from the printer, and sold half of them already :-)

 It looks a bit hazy but that's because there's a plastic cover on the outside....

I did only one image per page, so that it's possible to tear them out and frame them.

And lastly I made a whole bunch of new Christmas- and New Years cards. Here are a few of them:

I will put these in my Etsy-shop, along with some more coloring pages.

That's it for this week! Haven't had the chance to work on my big canvas anymore. Still painting in our new house, but it looks as if it's going to be the new year before we can  move in. We're experiencing a lot of delays in getting things done, f.i. we don't have any heating at the moment, which is not very comfortable in the middle of winter  .... ;-) So we'll just stay with my sister's a bit longer until everything is sorted out.

Linking this as always to Paint Party Friday. I haven't been able to visit your blogs this past week, looking forward to seeing what everyone's been up to!

Thanks for visiting! I wish you a very pleasant day and a relaxing weekend! Here's my funny for this week:

hahaha! Love this :-D

See you next week! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. You've been very busy! Glad to hear your first Christmasmarket went well and I can see why!

  2. You have been very productive, what lots of beautiful goodies you have created. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Ohhhh lovely! All of them, so many pretty things to see! ♥ ♥ !!!

  4. Lovely boxes and gorgeous calendar and pages. Love the bright colours in your art.
    Happy PPF xx

  5. Wonderful variety, so much accomplished! You should be so proud! Wonderful messages in those quotes too! Love your funny, hadn't seen it! Always so good to see you!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. You rock girl :) So much movement going on, i am sure all will be much better in the near future...Have a great weekend.

  7. wow Denise -this post is packed with fabulous art projects!! It'd be too hard to pick a favorite -so I won't:) Hope your home improvements run smoothly so you can enjoy your new home soon.

  8. Wow! What beautiful art! From the boxes to the calendars and cards your colors are so vibrant and your faces so expressive. How wonderful that you offer you items for purchase as well. Happy PPF! :-)

  9. Nice array of goodies. The boxes are fab. xox

  10. Wow! you have been sooooo busy. Love all of your art. There is such a beautiful ease to it and that is a very high compliment.

  11. Busy times but loads of exciting things Denise. Love your calendars how amazing they look!

  12. What great stuff! Sounds like your market was better than mine, good for you. Happy PPF

  13. oh i love those boxes, so vibrant and colourful. Glad that ur back in the groove and that you sold items at the Christmas market

    1. Your comment box keeps fading away so I will leave a comment here on Joyce comment. Very nice work Denthe. Looks like you have been a very busy person as well as very productive. Awesome.

  14. wow, you have indeed been busy
    every thing looks fabulous!

  15. Your artwork is exquisite! I love all the things you are doing--you inspire me!

  16. You have been prolific. what wonderful offerings you have created. love the calendars and boxes.

  17. I absolutely love and appreciate your talent! Everything is so beautiful!

  18. So happy your market time was a success! I knew it would be- who wouldn't love your art!!
    Make sure to take time to relax and enjoy during this busy time-it's important!
    i love your little funny this week- heehee switch seats!! heehee
    hugs my friend! xo

  19. You have been so busy! Beautiful pieces!!!!

  20. That's a lot of cool products, esp like the coloring book, very neat!

  21. Great idea to make it easier to frame the pages after colouring.
    Love your colourful cards and the beautiful sayings.
    Your stall at the market must have been wonderful to see.
    And your funny is hilarious.

  22. Denise,geweldig weer wat hier laat zien,alles is even mooi!!!
    ik hoop voor jou dat je gauw verwarming hebt.
    ik heb hier ook boomschors schijfjes liggen
    een vraagje? heb je daar tekenpapier op aan gebracht.
    Lieve groetjes Christiene.

  23. So many pretty things! Love those delicate little boxes. Lovely calendar pages! I completely and utterly understand busy months and no time for blog posting. I have had lots of that myself in recent months!


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