Thursday, 17 December 2015

A bit of a rest ...

Did my last Christmasmarket last weekend so I finally have some more time on my hands :-) Which doesn't mean I did a lot of art this week. But I did throw a few more layers on my big canvas, and finally some figures are starting to emerge. Phew ...

At this moment I'm seeing 4 faces, 1 dog (!) and 2 birds ..... Do you see them? I'm not sure yet whether I'll go with all of them, but I'm so happy they finally showed up. There must be at least 15 layers of paint on there already.

For my markets I made a few more smaller dotpaintings. Here are some of them:

They all measure 20x20cm (7,9"x 7,9"). I really need to update my websites now, haven't added anything in a long time, even though I made quite a few things.

I also painted more of those branches that I showed you last time. So much fun :-)

They are a mixture of collage and paint, and measure approx. 7x5cm (2,8"x 2"). Very small, especially to put quotes on there. We just got a lot of wood for our woodstove, and there are some branches there that are a bit bigger, so I might try to saw those into little slices. Or better yet: I'll ask my hubby or my son to do it for me, since I don't trust myself with a saw ....

Here's a box that I painted to try out a technique that I want to use in our new house. I got the idea here at Sandra Kaye's blog. Have a look there, her blog is colourful and inspirational and fun! I loved it right away, but just starting like that on the walls felt a bit daunting, especially since I don't have much practice in painting flowers. So I tried it out on my box, and this is the result:

It's a very bad picture, the weather was horrible and dark and misty and it's almost impossible to make good pictures now. But you get the idea.... Not sure whether I'll do the walls like this though, I want to throw in some birds I think .... I'll keep you posted ... ;-)

And then last but not least: I got a surprise Christmascard in the mail from Robin from Pink House Studio. I "met" Robin during the 29 faces challenge, where she made the most original, fun faces out of drops of paint and collage. I just loved seeing what she would come up with next. Check out her blog, it's full of whacky funny posts :-). This is the card she sent me, it's one of her own unique designs:

Thanks to the fact that it arrived on an exceptionally rainy day (although, now that I think of it, it's not thát exceptional....) some of the print got ruined a bit, but I just love it. Thanks Robin, it'll get a prominent place in between our Christmas lights ;-)

Well, that's it for now! I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday. Didn't get a chance to visit last week, so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's been doing. Thanks for your visit, I hope you're having a wonderful day, and that the weekend will be relaxing and fun. We will be working in our new house again, won't be moving this year anymore ... :-( Oh well ...

Next week I'll be back with an overview of my creative year. I did that last year, and it gave me a boost knowing that I had been doing quite a bit of "work" even though I sometimes had the feeling I got nothing done. Hopefully it'll be the same this year :-)

And here's my funny for this week:

lol :-D

See you next week! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Wow, that box is amazing! And yes, add birds! :D And by the way, whoa, that blog! I didn't know you could do that with a sharpie. Looks very cool. :D The branch slices are really cool, too. (Also, that is totally true about warm butts.)

  2. Love your box, Denise. The bathroom is very interesting and beautiful to me, but it would be a beast to cover over if you ever wanted to sell the house.

  3. Wow you sound busy. LOL I love the box when I could bead I beaded them similar in colors. So bright a pretty. Not sure about having that on the wall. LOL Love the dot paintings too. All your art is so alive and beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you like the card. :) Your box is gorgeous! I bet an accent wall like that in your new house would look stunning!

  5. Beautiful work, I especially love the dot paintings. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. You have been busy. Great art works. My fav are the branches.
    Happy PPF xx

  7. I really like the colorful series of pointillism art that you've been working on. Those branch portraits are beautiful, and would make great holiday gifts. Happy PPF! #25

  8. So many adorable projects Denise!Always your fan!

  9. You have been busy. Love all the projects. Sounds like you are entitled to a rest! Happy Holidays.

  10. gorgeous projects Denise , and your box is AWESOME!! (so is that bathroom redo-thanks for the link!) Love those sweet painted branches too. Happy PPF!

  11. thanks for the funny, it did make me smile.
    i always thing all those layers you do must be so much fun and still have not tried it, some day.

    every thing looks wonderful here and that card you got is so true and cute.

  12. Oh my I started here over an hour ago and was side tracked by the links and many other things. I saw Sandras bathroom a while back and was smitten. I did something a little less brave over fifteen years ago to a powder room...I restricted it to the two doors hiding my washer and dryer!!
    People loved it and were disappointed when we painted it over!! I love your version on the box, it's gorgeous and still your own style!! Sadly I don't see what you see in your first paintings...and that's why it's intuitive painting.... it's all yours baby!! Thanks for taking time to post...always an enjoyment!! Have a wonderful holiday!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. I kept staring at your WIP and I think I finally saw the dog but otherwise just pretty colors. :) Sometimes that type of painting works for me and then it doesn't. The dots are fantastic and I love the heart bow and the bathroom on the other blog is amazing. If I did that in one of our baths the Hubs would refuse to go in there :) LOL! Now that's an idea :) Enjoy the holidays ♥!

  14. Hello busy lady! Glad to see you and here's hoping that you now have some time to relax and enjoy the holiday festivities!!I will be sending you out a package right in the beginning of 2016- I'll post you an email so you will know to look for it!
    Many happy wishes for a wonderful and blessed Christmas for you and your family,dear Denise!
    love & hugs,
    ps...saw 2 faces and 1 bird!

  15. Lots of great work. I have tried but I am not as talented as you at picking out figures. I was lucky enough to receive a card from Robin too.

  16. Your dot paintings are so charming. The paintings on the pieces of wood are exquisite. They fill my eyes--which is the greatest compliment I can give. You are a wonderful artist.

  17. Ha Denise,de stippeltjes een mooi werkje,de hout schijfjes trekken de aandacht met de mooie kopjes.Het plaatje met de kat geeft zeker aan dat bij jou de kachel brand...leuk!!!
    Wil je hier bij vrolijke Kerstdagen wensen
    en een gelukkig en gezond Nieuwjaar.
    lieve groet Christiene.

  18. Your christmas market art looks amazing! I love the dot paintings so much as well as the branches - it's such a lovely and clever idea - and the heart box! You did such a great job!

  19. What fun stuff! I especially love the faces on the wood slices, they are great

  20. Time to enjoy your holiday I think. So love your box. It is beautiful also enjoy seeing your large canvas evolving. You have such a wonderful imagination. Happy christmas to you and your family

  21. I love your dot pieces! The colours are so vibrant and fun. They make me happy inside. :) Your miniatures are great - I have done a little bit of wood burning and painting on wood and have really enjoyed it but they have nowhere near the detail yours do! And I love the heart box. What a great idea!


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