Sunday, 27 September 2015

Faces 25 and 26!

In the nick of time for my next two faces! Told you I wasn't gonna get much art done this weekend, and I was right. Just had time to do 2 very quick faces. Here they are:

So that makes number 25 and 26! Only 3 more!! Can't believe September is almost over ....
Will be back tomorrow with the next one! Thanks for stopping by ♥


  1. Sweet, makes me think of the goats we saw wrapped up in each other at the agricultural fair. Comforting. xox

  2. Prachtig jou fantasie is eindeloos Denise!!
    nog een paar te gaan..........
    Wens je een fijne dag......................
    groetjes Christiene.

  3. I love these two! They remind me of Picasso!!
    Yes, how fast and how sad the time has flown by- October! I dread to think of what follows this! brrrr!
    hugs xo


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