Friday, 3 July 2015

Colour .... Give me colour .... LOTS of colour ....

Well, no entry for Summer of Color this week. This is the first time that I skip it, but I might join in again next week. Why don't I join in this week? Well, I have a confession to make: I crave colours at the moment. Using lots of colours, all at the same time. And I can't satisfy my craving for colour with SOC this year. Which is weird, because other years I had no problem whatsoever with the limited number of colours. But I could still use different shades and tints of the prescribed colours, and that made it exciting for me. Just how many tints can one colour have. I love experimenting with that.

For this week the colours are red - red - metallic. Well, I hardly ever use metallic colours in my work, and if I do then only in very small quantities. But the real problem for me was the two shades of red. Too similar. You can take a dark red and a light red, but there's not that much difference between the shades. Not enough at least for me to create enough contrast in a piece. It would be too similar to the result from week 2 with 2 pinks and one orange. And I really didn't feel like that. So, no SOC-entry for me this week...

I did go back to the background for my intuitive painting. In the past few weeks I've been smearing paint on there every time I was doing something and had some leftover paint. Last time I showed you it looked like this:

I kept searching for images in there but I couldn't find anything that spoke to me. After adding little bits and pieces in the past few weeks it looks like this:

And finally finally finally I could see a figure emerge from the background! Phew, so happy! I can see a female figure with outstretched arms, but I must admit it's hard to see it in the photo, it was much easier to see just looking at the canvas. Can you find her? I'll show you next week :-)

I also finally finished another doodle:

and another ACEO:

Summer really has started here now! We are experiencing a heatwave at the moment, and I'm loving it! It reminds me so much of Queensland.... School summer holidays also started this week, and we're doing a lot of lazing around and catching up with stuff that we never have time for. I am still finishing those side-tables, but painted the base colour on three new ones:

And last weekend I went to a flea-market and found some cute old little cupboards, that I've been sanding and putting some primer on as well:

The top one I'll use some kind of dry-brush technique on I think, and the second one will be dotted, with some mosaics around the mirror. Oh, so much fun, I'm a bit addicted to recycling furniture at the moment ;-)

Well, that's it for now! I'm linking this as always to Paint Party Friday, and to Show Your face. 
Both places are worth a visit!

I'll end with my funny of the week:

lol ... ;-D

Thanks for taking the time to visit! Wishing you a beautiful day, and a weekend filled with warmth! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. i agree with you on the limited colour thing - it seems much more difficult this year and I'm not sure if that's because i had wanted to use my chakra paintings and they never quite fit the theme each week or because of my colour awakening last year meaning, like you, I now find a limited palette too restrictive when I want to use a rainbow of colour in every painting. as for your intuitive painting, I can see a bird but not sure if I see the girl - an't wait to see where it goes. I can't tell you enough how muh I love these tables that you're doing - they are going to look so amazing all set out together for your sale - can't wait to see the photos and I bet they sell out really quick - you could definitely get big shops to stock these (if you can finish them quickly enough) as they are so beautiful and unusual.

  2. Yes, it is hard to paint with other colours than we rave! Love your makes, have fun with the new furniture! Love the joke, too, great! Valerie

  3. I struggled wit the SOC colors as well this week, and have liked it less than last year all over. I think a triad would work better rather than two of the same kind.
    No, I cant see the girl in your canvas but looking forward to see her.

  4. Your funny is quite a funny. Not so hot here, but you are getting real heat there. I like your background and you know I like color. Be fun to see your woman emerge. xox

  5. Your creative talents overflow! I am LOVING what you are doing with furniture and your doodles have such an elegant style to them. Can't wait for next week. I think I see her...but do I really?

  6. I always say I will try to paint something monochrome but have yet to try - it intimidates me a bit! I think I see two spots on your painting where there is a woman with outstretched arms. Looking forward to really seeing her - and also looking forward to seeing those cabinets painted and the mirror! Happy summer!

  7. Love your colorful page, and I agree. Color, color, color rules. OK, enough said. And ha-ha- funny cartoon.

  8. I always enjoy perusing through your beautiful artwork and enjoy your attention to detail. I also loved the cartoon you shared this morning. Happy PPF! #48

  9. Your intuitive painting always fascinate me. I love color too and enjoy using bright ones. I also couldn't see how I could do 2 different reds and a metallic this week.

  10. i can't wait to see what emerges in your intuitive painting!!

  11. Loving your art this week.... your background is wonderful and I absolutely love the doodle!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with those tables too. SOC has been hard for me too. This is the first time I've done it and this week is the only week that I didn't feel restricted. I'll finish the challenge as I figure it has to be good practice some how :)
    Have a great week !!!

  12. (◕‿◕。) LOL nice cartoon;

    OMG the green girl with the blue lips is so cute

    have a nice PPF

    much love...

  13. I feel my art always starts with the colour so I understand how you feel...and even though I love red I am never happy with my contributions to soc because it's almost too restrictive for my creative process!! I would rather created something and see if it fits rather than start with the colours! However in saying that I love red and metalics.... she has picked all the colours I adore... It just doesn't quite work with my process!! Love all you have created...and one of my very favourite things to do is alter furniture with paint...I have done it for 45 years now and I always feel joyful when I change something up or add my own flavour to it!! Your tables are fabulous and I agree with Nic you could sell these easily...

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I've never tried SOC but I can imagine it would be difficult at times. I can totally relate to what you say.
    Your furniture looks fantastic and I had such a giggle with the joke too.
    Happy PPF to you.

  15. Oh, yes, as a fellow color lover, challenges CAN be limiting, but then, sometimes I need to take it on to prove something-for myself? Gorgeous art projects you have created yet again. Funny, I hardly ever use metallic so THAT was my biggest challenge this week. Hope next week works for you. Love the funny at the end too-so true:):) Can't wait to see what you do with the furniture-I just know it will be amazing!

  16. I would also find it quite hard to just use red and metallic for something creative. Your large painting is so full of bursting colours and the little side tables look interesting. Glad you are taking part in the Photoshop Artistry course - you will learn so much. Sebastian is an amazing teacher, enjoy

  17. I feel exactly as you about the soc . I dude the first week but then I just couldn't bring myself to use such a limited palette. I use so many colours its hard to ration them isn't it!
    You have some beautiful things to show this week. I do live the beginnings of your painting and do so love your painted furniture. Where do you sell it?

    1. thanks! I am doing some artmarkets in August and I wanted to take 3 tables with me to see whether they sell. But I enjoyed doing it so much that I just keep buying tables .... ;-) I'll just take them with me to the markets, and I'll also put them on my website I guess....

  18. I LOVE your love of color Denise- you use it all so well, so I understand your feelings about SOC.
    I saw a figur, but do not think it was the one you are referring to- so I'll wait and see!!
    HAHAAaa on your lil joke at the bottom!! I see men mowing their yards like that all the time and want to scream- PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON!! brrrrr- gives me chills to see!! heehee

  19. I've been painting some old furniture lately, too. So fun to give it new life and color! Can't wait to see your lady emerge. I don't see her yet but I do see a small woman striding down the catwalk in the lower right.
    Melisa -

  20. Denise , ik wacht het af wat er bij jou gaat komen, vakantie.......hittegolf........
    we gaan het zien schilderingen en meubeltjes................
    Het plaatje waar je mee eindigd is echt leuk
    veel mannen moeten maar eerst naar zich zelf kijken...... ze doen niet voor elkaar onder, mannen en vrouwen...............
    Wens je een goed weekend en hou het cooi.....
    groetjes Christiene.

  21. Love the doodle and ACEO!

    More furniture! I look forward to seeing the new ones. :)

  22. Love your colors and art always! Great furniture!

  23. I love,love,love your doodle! Your creativity boggles my mind! I think the new furniture pieces will be terrific. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. have a wonderful week.

  24. How funny Denise... I was nodding my head reading your post today.... I am feeling the exact same way... and almost skipped this week as well.. I too am craving color... loving the work you shared... especially the ACEO... and chuckled at the funny... have a great week...

    Jenny X

  25. I loved your finished doodle! This style really appeals to me!

  26. Fabulous art work, and a funny that made me laugh :)

    Have a wonderful week!

    Love and hugs

  27. the cartoon has me smiling!
    loved seeing all that you are up too.
    putting two reds together was hard on me too! two greens- no problem, only three colors and black and white; challenging ;-)
    amazing that you like heat waves, i am the opposite, i go hiding.
    sweet heat wave to you.

  28. Yes, I can see the outline. The colors are great. I love how the cupboard is turning out. Blessings, Janet PPF

  29. You fill my boots with lovely inspiration and then you make me laugh too! Love it! Thank you for linking up to #ShowYourFace and for the shout out too. Kx

  30. Lol loved your post and the funnies ... I think I can see her with her arms outstretched ... beautiful artwork! !! Xxxxxx


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