Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Keeping busy

I've been keeping busy with getting more images ready for Society6 and experimenting with Photoshop. And as a result I haven't gotten much other art done. And didn't feel like it either ....

But yesterday I forced myself to start a new painting. Not really new new, it's a canvas that I did some background on already, but it had been standing here since a long time and I thought it time to do something with it.

Here's where I am now after adding some contrast colours:

It's another intuitive painting, but with this one I'm trying to work in a bit more "controlled" way. The last paintings I made I went overboard quite a few times with dripping paint and scribbling lines, and as a result I had to make new layers all the time in order to get to a point where I could "see" something in it. This is the first time I'm happy after doing my blacks and whites. Looking forward to working on it some more....

And here's another one I'm working on:

I figured I'd try some of my journaltechniques on canvas. There's lots of collage in this piece. Not done yet, but hopefully by Friday ....

That's it for now. I can't seem to get back to 3 times blogging a week ... Time just escapes me.

Thanks so much for visiting! I'll be back on Friday ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. It's good to be busy, to try something new. Those blacks and whites give that painting great dimensions!

  2. Both of these projects look so great already. I look forward to their progress.

  3. Loving your WIP's Denthe, see you on Friday. Annette x

  4. Great progress so far....I hear you about blogging. It seems even blogging once a week times flies and it's friday! Reading and commenting on blogs is time consuming too!! Don't put too much pressure on yourself. I used to blog everyday for several years...I have no idea how I did that!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I really admire your intuitive painting style. As for blogging more than a couple of times a week I have no idea where people get the time...! See you Friday :)

  6. Time has escaped me too. A few days away and thousands of posts to catch up on. Love your beings in painting two.....opposite viewpoints. xox

  7. I love your way to paint, the intuitive way, also the controlled one.
    But your intuitive paintings are sensitive, show your way of feeling...the color, the moment, your own.
    Thanks, that we may share it.

  8. Very nice works. I particularly like the second for its colors and fluent lines. I can't wait to see it finished. :)

  9. Beautiful work ;)) I always feel like I'm falling behind these days too. And then I think, 'Hey wait, I'm the only one who has me on a schedule.' lol

  10. It's always so interesting to see your working processes, and the stage these paintings have reached so far is very interesting. I like what is happening in the first one, and the second painting, which makes me think of Africa, is amazing. You say that you have a lot of collage in the piece, but it is so well integrated that I cannot identify areas of collage. Wonderful work.

  11. Oh I do love your blog! You are so generous with your wip shots. I love to see how other artists work, I find it so interesting. Your intuitive style really impresses me and the instinctive use of such magical colour combinations is breathtaking.
    Really like your new layout too, those side buttons are great!

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