Tuesday, 25 March 2014

gelliplate fun, printing plates and a little bit of painting and sketching

I am doing so many different things at the same time, without having enough time to finish anything, so you can imagine how my worktable looks. Actually, my worktable is spreading out over the entire kitchentable ... ;-)

Just a quick overview of what I've been up to the last few days:

First of all, I finally played (a little bit) with my gelliplate again. I didn't really have time, but I squeezed in 10 minutes just before bed last night to try out some printing plates I had made. And now I'm all excited to try out some more ...

These are the printing plates I made: one with tacky glue and the other ones with craft foam:

And these are the prints I pulled from them:

Okay, it's not much, I admit, but I'm excited about the possibilities. The ones with the craft foam gave really good prints, the one with the tacky glue was very interesting but the glue wasn't as 3D as I had hoped. I tried to make a printing plate with my (tiny and very cheap) gluegun, that I had never used before, but I find it very hard to make a figure with that glue. There were blobs everywhere and when I stopped there were still long threads coming off it that I didn't really want on there. But it was much more elevated than the tacky glue, so maybe I should try again.

I also managed to paint a little bit and started to bring out the figures that I saw in my new painting.

I found another figure in there and decided not to bring out the face that I saw last week. Still in doubt about the 2 birds. Tomorrow is the only day I will be able to paint this week, so I hope I'll get a lot done, and hopefully can show you some more on Friday.

And I finished preparing another canvas for a doodle-like painting like last week, and made a drawing on there last night when I was sitting with my daughter on her bed:

And, oh yes, I started painting some new boxes for a market in 3 weeks:

That's about it. Lots of in-progress works, and itching to get back to it, but too many meetings and too much work this week, boohoo.

I'll be back on Friday with hopefully something more to show ... Thanks so much for being here, and leaving your lovely comments ♥


  1. My work spaces are completly full too. It looks like you are making steady progress and I am sure you will get it all done. I still don't have one of your boxes :( ManonX

  2. Loving those craft foam plates! Especially the geometric one - cool!

  3. i just got a gelli plate and have been experimenting!! i may share some of them later on … most of them turned out … well, just plain ugly!!

    but like you, i see the possibilities!

  4. You are truly loving your life and creating with joy, I love that!

  5. Je gaat gestaag door Denise, en ik herken dat, dat je aan van alles en nog wat bezig bent. Maar ik vind het zo knap dat je het ook inderdaad afmaakt; daar schort het bij mij wel eens aan. Eigenlijk wil ik alles in één sessie afmaken, want ik weet als ik het wegzet, dat de zin dan meestal over is. Je nieuwe schilderij begint al weer tot leven te komen en je doodletekening op canvas wordt vast weer heel erg mooi. Ben benieuwd!
    xxx Marianne

  6. I love the idea of the foam plates for gelli printing, that is an idea I need to try out! Your new painting is beautiful, Love her beckoning fingers, so expertly painted.

  7. Great ideas! I know what you mean about your art taking over. My canvases were all over the dining room table and the counter top for a few days! No one complained though! Lucky us!

    I have a gelli plate and have tried it once. It does seem to take practice to get good results! I used bubble wrap and sequin waste for texture. Thanks again for sharing your work in progress! Happy week to you!

  8. I'm still holding out on the gelli printing.... only because I don't want another addiction :)
    Your work looks great so far ♥

  9. You are so poductiv and I love the outcome of your stamps!! My fav one is the rounds from the craftfoam!! I am so involved of getting some lil stuff done for my FIRST market and I am so excited about that! And how I know that feeling of having tons of stuff unfinished...normally thats not a big deal, but in times when this market date came up, I am a bit stressed out ;) Your new paiting looks very cool so far....excited to see what comes out of it :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  10. Love those plates...what fun....your new painting is wonderful. xox


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