Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Artists that inspire me: Brian Andreas

I discovered Brian Andreas a few years ago. First as a writer, it was only later that I discovered his quirky little drawings in combination with the most beautiful quotes.

The simplicity of his drawings reallly appeals to me, but it's the combination with the words that make it really special.

I have a subscription to his mailinglist, where you can choose to get a daily or weekly mail with this kind of posts.

While I don't keep all of them, I have loads on my computer, and found it really hard to choose which ones I'd show here ... ;-) (I guess that's kinda obvious ☺)

He has so many different items for sale, like books, pictures, cards, sculptures, frames, treasure boxes etc... , it's a pleasure to browse through his webshop.

His quotes vary from absurd to funny to wise to sad. I love how sometimes the daily mail I receive mirrors exactly the way I'm feeling that day.

If you want to get these in your mailbox too, just sign up for his fun email and story of the day on his website.

Hope you like these fun and thought-provoking messages. Thanks so much for being here, I'll be back on Friday!


  1. Fun colourful & fabulous, must go check out his work!

  2. Oh I love Brian's art and words too Denise... the simplicity... the color... and always love to read his messages too.... hope to exhibit at Eudlo this year... hopefully you will be also :)

    Jenny ♥

  3. Dit is ff wennen voor mij Denise LOL. Maar misschien zou ik inderdaad de teksten erbij beter moeten lezen. Maar ik moet nu eerst nog een gezichtje gaan maken. Bedankt weer!!

  4. i really enjoy his art and words too.
    i was thrilled to find a book of his at a thrift shop recently!

  5. Thanks for sharing the lot of photos, some paintings reminds me of the great Artist Miro.

  6. Just saw this artist's work that you shared...i really like it! So beautiful! Thank you!


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