Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Artists that inspire me: Alice Mason

I recently discovered the art of Alice Mason, a British artist living on a cliff top by the sea in south-east England facing France.

Alice is a muralist and specialist decorator, but also a fine artist and painter.

Her work is usually inspired by imagination, fantasy and dreams of the unconscious and conscious mind.

It is her intention, in her work and her world, to create a utopia, or a feeling of paradise.

She uses a lot of pattern, decoration and ornament in her paintings. She is inspired by different artists from the early 20th century, by religious art and iconography, by aboriginal art and by highly decorative applied arts and ceramics.

If you want to see more of this artist, please visit :
her blog
and her Society6 shop

Hope you enjoyed her art as well. Thanks for visiting, I'll be back on Friday for the Paint Party!


  1. Ze gebruikt prachtige kleuren en creƫert een echte droomwereld. Leuk om te zien. Bedankt weer, dat je haar onder de aandacht bracht. Liefs,

  2. I always love your blogs about artists who inspire you--they are always wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful painting! Thank You :-)

  4. Thanks so much fro sharing this amazing artist!!! I love her use of bold color and design...Will have to check out more of her work ♥

  5. wonderful artwork! paradise is apparent in her work - thanks for sharing


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