Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sketch and some new postcards

Time seems to be running away from me, and I hardly get the chance to make art. Very frustrating. I'm still sitting on the bed with my daughter every night, but usually it's too late before we get there, so we have only about 10 minutes or so to do something before she needs to go to sleep.

But I managed to make another sketch:

And I made some new postcards for my Etsyshop:

That's it for now. There won't be an inspiring artist post this week due to, well, yes, you guessed it, time management problems ... But I'll be back on Friday for the Paint Party!

Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again on Friday! ♥


  1. Nou Denise, ik vind je schets in ieder geval prachtig en je nieuwe kaarten ook. Ik heb de afgelopen dagen ook weinig af gekregen.... soms gaat het gewoon niet en heb je iets anders op je programma wat nodig gedaan moet worden. That's life.... Volgende week beter :-))
    xxx Marianne

  2. Lovely sketch, Denise, and those postcards are gorgeous. Your work never ceases to amaze me...so very soulful. Take care.

  3. I love your latest sketch Denise... there is a real vulnerability about her... and your postcards are gorgeous... especially love the background on the second...

    Jenny ♥

  4. Ha Dente, prachtige kaarten met mooie vrouwen gezichtjes.
    liefs een groetje

  5. Oh Denise Time Management is a universal issue this year :( It just keeps speeding right on past as we struggle through our day to day lives. Love the sketch and those postcards ate totally awesome ♥

  6. Beautiful works, Denthe. Your portraits are so expertly done.


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