Monday, 5 August 2013

Discovering the joy of sketching again ....

After the busy month of July we had, with my sister visiting and us going on trips all the time, my daughter and I finally got back into the habit of sitting on her bed each night while I'm sketching or drawing or doodling, and she usually is reading.

This is a sketch I did, which I'll probably use for my new 2014 calendar.

I also tried my hand at watercolour again, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was. I might print out all my sketches on watercolour paper, and paint them instead of using coloured pencils ....

This girl will most likely end up on a card. It's almost time to start doing my Christmascards .... (no, I won't say again how time flies ...☺)

And 2 more painted rocks ....

The last one was really bumpy, so not easy to write on ....

That's it for now. I'll be back on Wednesday with another inspiring artist post.

Thanks for taking the time to visit! I love having you here :-)


  1. Beautiful paintings. I like the watercolors very much. You have painted very well. I know it is not easy wiht watercolor.
    Have a nice week :-)

  2. Really like your watercolour, lovely style.

  3. Keigaaf die portretjes!! Die in kleur is helemaal super gedaan!! Aquarel is toch al zo moeilijk maar deze is heel erg mooi. Ook je stenen zijn prachtig.
    xxx Marianne

  4. Good idea! I need a time when I just sit, hang out and draw stuff. Time is going to fast this summer. Do we say that EVERY summer? ;)

  5. I imagine you and your daughter sitting on the bed next to each other, reading and sketching. How lovely! My daughter and I do that sometimes, and it is those precious moments that I will keep in my heart forever.
    Your sketch is beautiful and I love the red head. Lovely rocks as well. I love your art.

  6. Looks like you've had a productive week. Love those painted stones-they're so pretty and it's good that you and ypur daughter are back to sketching with each other again.

  7. Wow! I love your faces. Love, love that blue eyes, she is beautiful.

  8. Your girls are beautiful Denise... and I love the idea of printing them on to watercolor paper and painting them... love your painted stones too...

    Jenny ♥

  9. I love your short-haired girl with the wide-awake eyes, a beautiful sketch, and your red-haired beauty will make a great card. Your pebbles as always are lovely - I keep wondering what size they are.

    1. thanks Jez! They're different sizes. I'll post a pic of them in my hand, okay ;-)

  10. You mentioned printing on watercolour paper. I nearly always like to keep my original drawings because I just love the black on white image best, so if I want to add colour I copy it on to good quality paper from a cartridge pad - like thin card. Unfortunately it only takes fairly dry watercolour or acrylic.
    I've tried printing on watercolour paper, but anything of a suitable g/m is too thick to go through my printer, even though it's a quite expensive Lexmark. Do you have any advice on that, please?

  11. Lovely faces and sweet rocks!! <3

  12. I am always amazed at the level of detail that you can paint on a rock!! Your sketch is great - as always!


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