Friday, 23 March 2012


I painted yesterday morning, and then the painting sat on my easel for the rest of the day. And the more I looked at it, the worse I felt about it. Something was wrong, and I didn't know what. I first thought it was the use of wrong colours, but finally I knew what was bothering me. It was the hair. It was way too overpowering and didn't fit with the rest of the painting.

First I wanted to sleep over it,  and decide in the morning what to do. But being the impatient person that I am, I couldn't wait any longer, so at bedtime I got my paint out again and started being bold and brave. That's something I learned in Flora's workshop. If you're not happy with a certain part of your painting, don't worry. It's just another layer. Paint over it, make some bold changes and take it from there.

So I did. I dripped and dribbled paint, made some more marks, and now have a whole range of new possibilities. Not really sure where to go with it now, but I have some ideas in my head.

Wonder where it'll end ....

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  1. This is already awesome, Denthe! I love the way you see color. Your paintings are so ephemeral.


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