Monday, 5 March 2012

In progress painting 2

I tackled my paintings again today. Alas, not enough time, had to stop to get the kids from school. Now it's almost bedtime and I'm wondering whether I should get my paints out anyway and just continue playing. I sure feel like it, but I know I'm gonna regret it in the morning. So I'll do the sensible thing and just finish this post and go to sleep. Yawn. How boring ...

Painting one did get another layer today. I lost count on how many layers there are on there already. Don't know what to think of it. I think it has moved on to the ugly adolescent phase. But: I'm starting to see images emerging! That's always the exciting part. Just not sure how to go about getting them out there. I have the tendency to cover up too much of the previous layers, so I really have to stop myself in time. Not easy. Maybe just as well that everyday life gets in the way and makes me stop painting.

Here's painting 1 (the one I showed yesterday) with another layer:

I can also see an image emerging that I don't really want to see. But sadly I see it very clearly. On the left side, about halfway through, I see Mickey Mouse! And I'm not sure I want a Mickey Mouse on my painting ... In fact, I'm sure I don't want him on my painting! Have to cover that up real fast.

And here's painting 2 from start to ugly teenager phase ...

first layer: warm colours

second layer: cool colours (see! I covered up too much again)

layer 3

adding contrast: layer 4

layer 5

And finally it's a teenager! Wonder how I'll get an adult out of this ...


  1. Both are amazing Denthe... and just wonderful to see the different stages.... perhaps Mickey is representing the fun side of your painting:))

    Jenny x

  2. Love seeing the different stages.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful paintings. Love seeing the process!

  4. this one is amazing too !!!


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