Thursday, 15 October 2020

It's that time of year again ....

Yes, time for my calendars! They're still not ready, despite my best intentions. But in the end they did take up much more time than I thought. Since it's so long ago that I posted anything on this blog, I just wanted to give you an update on what's happening.

I decided to make 2 calendars this year: one with intuitive paintings and one with mapart. I had also planned on making one with various techniques, but alas, it was too hard to get it all ready in time. I'm still finishing up the last paintings for these calendars. 

I've been posting the process-pics and end results on Instagram and on my Facebookpage, so check it out if you want to see all of them (well, the ones I've finished for now). I will be posting all of them on this blog once they're finished.

I also decided to sell the paintings I made for the intuitive painting calendar. They're done on A4-sized watercolor paper. I'll wait until they're all finished. Not sure yet how or where I'll be selling them, have to look into the different possibilities. I'll keep you posted so keep an eye out for that in case you're interested.

Now I have another question for you. Every year I use Photoshop to add quotes to the paintings I use for my calendars (except of course for the map calendar, since I've written them on there and they're an integral part of the painting). I was wondering whether I should do that this year or whether I should just leave them as they are and not put any quotes on there. Like the ones I'm showing here.

The following is an example of a page from a previous year's calendar where I inserted a quote in Photoshop. Just to give you an idea:

What do you think? Do it or leave it? I would really like to know! 

That's about all for now. Just a quick update :-) As I said, I'm finishing up the last paintings so once they're all done I can make the calendars, they can go to the printers for a testprint and then they'll be available for purchase. Should be by the beginning of November.

Meanwhile, I hope all is really well with you guys. The world is still in turmoil with this whole corona-crisis and it looks like it won't end soon. Quite the contrary, in Europe we're experiencing a dreadful second wave of the virus. 

I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday. Because humor is so very important to deal with things we can't control, here are some funnies, with some thinkies thrown in the mix. Enjoy!

Take care, stay safe, talk to you soon! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I like the quotes. That deer crossing meme is so good.

  2. Wonderful art and funnies. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. Hello Denthe! Love your work as always and I feel your quotes not he art pieces are so important. I feel you should keep your quotes and sayings on there. It's powerful and meaningful. I hope you are well. I've always loved your artwork. Beautiful as always. Have a lovely weekend and happy PPF! Much love and positivity.

  4. Your intuitive paintings are simply beautiful - though the ones with black have some added drama, I really love the ones which are full colour. Such subtle work in the images discovered and brought to life in each one. I don't think they need words (especially not digital words) - and that comes from someone for whom words are a passion! Happy PPF!
    Alison x

  5. I have missed you. Of course your art is amazing as ever. I will seek you out on FB, even though I am not there much any more. Hugs N.

  6. I missed seeing your posts on paint party... I love all your collected work and the collection of quotes is just perfect! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  7. These are really nice. I just love your paintings. The quotes on the black backgrounds look great.
    I think the colourful paintings stand well on there own.
    Be safe and well!

  8. Love your art and your calendars!!! I look forward to the new calendars every year and for me I believe the words very important. Especially in this crazy world we find ourselves in right now!

  9. Your paintings are all so beautiful and I love having the quotes on them- both styles of calendars! Thanks for the funnies- we all could use them. Happy PPF!

  10. Those are some very good quotes Denthe. I love your Calendar ladies, they all looks very soulful! :)

  11. Lovely art and funnies. I like your art both with quotes and without so I'm not much help there.

  12. Hello,
    lovely to see you post.
    Your art is wonderful and though I enjoy most quotes you choose, I think they distract from the art. I look at the art and am drawn in, but then the words distract me, get the attention and my consideration, I don't tend to go back to looking at the art. Not sure why. But you do choose awesome quotes.


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