Thursday, 21 November 2019

2020 calendars and giveaway!

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that my 2020 calendars are ready and up for sale!

I made 2 calendars this year, one with intuitive paintings and one with doodles. They're both in English. You can find the link to the shop in the sidebar, or by clicking on the picture here:

and here:

And, as a thank you to my social media-readers and newsletter-subscribers, I'm giving away 2 of the original paintings that I made for this calendar! They're made on watercolour paper size A4 (21x29.5cm) (approx. 8.27 x 11.69 inches). There's no text on there, as I did the quotes afterwards in Photoshop, but I can always write it on there for you if you want :-)

So how does it work?

My shop is at Lulu, a print-on-demand-shop that handles everything from print to delivery. This means that I don't know who buys my calendars, I can only see how many I've sold and to which countries. So if you buy one of my calendars (doodle or intuitive art), post a picture of it on your social media and send me the link. If you don't have a social media account or you don't want to share it there, you can also privately send me a picture of the calendar you purchased (infoatdenthedotcom)

From all the pictures I receive, I'll pick 2 names at random (or I might let my kids pick them ;-) ). The first one may choose an original painting from the 12 paintings I used in the intuitive art calendar. The second one can choose from the 11 paintings that are left after the first one has chosen.

Sounds interesting to you? This giveaway will end on the 20th of December. And more good news: from now until the first of December you get a 10% discount if you buy one of my calendars!

Here's the 12 paintings that you can choose from (without the quotes):

It doesn't matter whether you buy my intuitive calendar or my doodle-calendar. As long as you buy any one you're in the draw. And if you buy more  I'll add your name twice (or more!)

That's all for now. I'll be back before the end of the year to share some more news and pictures. Hope to "see" you then :-)

I'll end with some wise words ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Good luck with sales of your beautiful calendar!

  2. I have missed you. I didn't know you had a news letter I am signing up. The calendar looks wonderful as does all of our art. Come see what I have been up to. Hugs N

  3. Good luck with your calendar. the pics are lovely. Valerie

  4. beautiful calendar, I love those faces!!!
    Wonderful posting thank you!
    Greetings elke

  5. your style is brilliant and fun.

  6. Your art is both colorful and it!
    Best wishes on your calendars.
    Happy PPF 🎨

  7. These calendars are so beautiful and the quality is the best- I love these both!

  8. That quote got to me. It is VERY wise, thank you for that reminder. Your calendars are just beautiful! Such talent. And a generous giveaway!

  9. Your use of colour is exquisite - and wonderful words to go with your characterful figures. Beautiful artworks that would grace any wall.
    Alison x


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