Thursday, 28 June 2018


The weather is so gorgeous here, the kids have finished school for the summer, so vacation has well and truly started. Almost July, so time for a new wallpaper :-)

It's a different size than I normally use. Hubby got himself a new screen, so I was the happy recipient of his old one. And the resolution of my new screen is 1920x1080. If you want it on your computer, you can download it here.

I made a mapface again. Don't worry, I'm not gonna have a venting session today, I'll just let my art and my "funnies"  and thinkies speak for themselves...

And also a new face done with alcohol markers. Plus quote of course :-)

I almost forgot: I am finally on Instagram!! I've been wanting to try it out since years, but never could get myself to figure out how to use it, especially because it's made to use on your phone, and frankly, I don't really use my phone to make pictures. It's old, and the quality is bad, and I have a very good camera, so why would I? But thanks to my teenage daughter I am discovering the mysteries of Instagram, and I do like it. Although I still use it more on my computer than on my phone, but hey, it's a start, right!? You can find me here ( I'm finding a lot of familiar artists on there, who used to be on Paint Party Friday. I'll have to browse some more this weekend.

Okay, that's it for this week. About my blogpost last week: in case you're interested, I found a really interesting article about what's happening in the world, and I'll share the link here. Go and read it, it is so important to be aware. It's by Jonathan Freedland, and he ends it with these words: It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens bit by bit, word by word, each step taking us lower into the pit. It’s why every one of us has to fight today’s horror. Because if we don’t, who knows what terrors lie ahead?

I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow. Here are my weekly funnies an thinkies:

That's it! Thanks so much for your visit, I really appreciate it! 
I wish you a wonderful day, and a joyful weekend! 
I'll be back next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. As always, I LOVE your map face! .....I really don't know what to say about the article and thinkies....I'm just so....weary. :(

  2. First of all I love your art, you already know that. I don't do Instagram because I don't do phone. So email me on how you hooked up on you PC. and then OMG!!! I just told my brother yesterday that a take over to dictatorship doesn't happen overnight. It is chipping at the core of a people bit by bit, lie by lie. I am off to read this article. Thanks

  3. Love the desktop and the map-faces. Great work. The funnies and thinkies are wonderful, as always. Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Hi, denthe. Love you map faces. Wonderful work, as always. The world is in a dark place at the moment. I'll look you up on Instagram. I'm quite enjoying it; now that I've got used to it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Great faces and I the first map face's text is just right.
    I'm glad that summer is there. We here are enjoying it as well.
    Thanks for funnies and have a happy PPF and weekend !!

  6. Gorgeous art Denise! And yay- isn't Instagram fun? I'm pretty new at it too but glad to have found so many artists there:) Thanks for the funnies and happy PPF!

  7. Your map faces are so perfect for delivering a message! And your script is a perfect complement.
    Happy PPF

  8. My favorite art piece this week is your portrait of the guy in dire need of peace. Congratulations on getting on Instagram, it can be fun too. Happy PPF and Blessings!

  9. I so enjoy your collection and your paintings
    I had to copy the one about recognizing when to let go. I laughed out loud at your boyfriend hasn't been born, as my husband is 14 years younger than I. Also loved the one about being lucky to be born here...and having compassion about the world. That's missing in this admin.

  10. Great paintings! Full of character. Happy PPF!

  11. I'm so happy to see you on IG!! I'm are you using it on your computer? You can't upload photos that way, can you? I have a better camera than my phone, also, and would love to use my computer instead. I can't upload, tho. Is there a secret?

    1. oh yes, it's called Gramblr. You install it on your computer and just upload your pictures there. It's perfect! The pictures are better quality, you can adjust the size, and best of all you can put your name or a watermark on there :-)

  12. i love instagram lol very hard not to post a lot there :)

    depending on the phone, you could transfer your camera photos onto your phone to use

  13. Such wonderful faces! I will have to follow you on IG

  14. Luv the art with the quote, my favourite of this post. Thanks for dropping by my blog Denthe

    much love...

  15. Love your art so much!!! I really do!
    I was reading about your instagram and Gramblr? I don't own a cell phone and I have my Mac, I wonder if I can use it?
    The funny about Canada made me laugh!
    Big Hugs My friend!

  16. I love your art so much and also your concerns. I live in New Zealand and I am really concerned about what is happening in the US and also in parts of Europe at the moment. We all have to stand up against this cruelty what is happening right now, otherwise it will become the new normal. I admire your courage,its not easy, but please keep on doing so.

  17. Hello Denise and welcome to July!! heehee yes, it is here and where did the time go?!!
    Your map face is beautiful,both faces really...and I love the other painting and the quote...I know what he means!

    You funnies are great, some as funny as they are scary - I am so on the fence right now about this country I live in...on one hand I want to scream and say I am ashamed and embarrassed to even admit i am from here. On the other hand, I say to myself, this country is great and is temporarily being taken over by cruel, deplorable aliens and when things change and we have a new government it will be great again...the people are rising up,little by little. Hey the Tea Party did not happen in one day! Thanks for always sharing your views- I am glad to know there are others not afraid to speak out.
    and last but not least...that Canada funny made me LMAO! High-sterical it was!
    huge hugs,Jackie xx

  18. Thank you for your lovely comment and if you ever come back to New Zealand come and stay with us on the top of the South Island. In New Zealand our Prime Minister just had her first baby and is on maternity leave, she is young and we have a Labour government. Jacinda Ardern is a breeze of hope for the future and for women in politics. It will change in the States and that is for people like you standing up!

  19. Hola paso por tu blog a dejar la huella del mio.
    Por si deseas visitar.

  20. Love the Art, the sayings, and the Instagram. Blessings, Janet


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