Thursday, 1 February 2018

Another month

February already! I had been meaning to make a new wallpaper, but I didn't get around to it. February just came so fast all of a sudden.

But, I finally took up a paintbrush again! I experimented with some lessons from Juliana Coles in "Extreme journaling". And I'm keeping up with my weekly sketching!

This week I felt more like making a kind of fantasy girl:

I like to switch back and forth between more life-like drawings and these big-eyed girls :-)

And here's how my journalpage started out:

Lots of black (not my favorite ....) and lots of text

doing an assignment and then incorporating what came out of that into the journalpage. For me these images represented what this page was about

trying to quiet down the background. Not easy with all the black

so out came the gesso!

for me this page was to be about Australia, and how homesick I sometimes feel for this beautiful country that I've lived in for more than 3 years. So I used colours that remind me of Australia

adding the blue of the oceans and the sky

and then suddenly finding another creature in there

And this is the finished page:

In Juliana's workshops text plays an important role, which is also the reason why I like her work.

Someone on Facebook commented that I should "fix the eye and get rid of the fish". But every single thing on this spread has a certain meaning for me and a reason why I made it like I did. Extreme journaling isn't about making pretty pages, it's about digging inside yourself and letting out what's in there. And I just loved how everything came to me while I was working on it. Definitely a great way to journal!

That's what I did this week. And now I want to show you a surprise I got in the mail from a dear friend of mine: Jackie from "creating without crayons". She makes the most beautiful stuff, and is always so inventive in how she uses her materials. Take a look at her blog, she always shows progress-pics and it's great to see how her creations are "born":-)

Beautiful tag with a real flower on there! (good thing that I don't live in Australia anymore, it would never have gotten past customs ...)

And look at that gorgeous paper! I'm going to scan it and use it in future projects :-)

So I was a very happy girl :-) Thank you Jackie ♥

I'm linking to Paint Party Friday once again. I'm so happy that this party keeps going. It feels as if so many people stop blogging, and going instead to Instagram, but I still like to read and see a bit more and get to know the person behind the art. 

Well, this is a long post already, but I'll throw in some funnies anyway :-)

And some sweet / wise ones:

Have a great day and thank you for paying a visit! I'll be back next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I saw that comment on FB and thought.....WTF???? It's a GREAT journal page! And it means something to you, that's all that matters! Keep on making them and ignore the comments! ;) (PS love the girl!) :)

  2. Your journal page is great as it is! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. awww, I love your journal page - you've captured the colours of Australia so well. I can tell it's a very special piece of art to you. Sorry you have that homesick feeling but it's lovely that you've used art to release those feelings. Hugs and Happy PPF xx

  4. Great artwork, as always. Your journal page is super, and more so because it has a special meaning to you.

  5. The girl is expressive and beautifully drawn. Your spread is just wonderful and thank you for showing the unique process. Jackie's art is always super and I often visit her blog.
    Happy PPF xx

  6. Watching your pages evolve is a lesson in itself. Your result is beautiful and reflects your unique style. Thanks for the smiles, happy PPF

  7. Wonderful art projects! I especially love your journal spread-it is so you! I tend to shy away from black too but sometimes force myself to use it:) Your big eyed waif is so charming and sweet. Beautiful tag-such a a lovely gift. Thanks for the funnies too, and happy PPF!

  8. Lovely page and your girl is so cute. Thanks for the laughs, so important to keep our sense of humour.

  9. I can't believe how rude and inconsiderate some people are on FB. Years ago I had people threaten to unfriend me if I didn't stop posting photos of my kitty, Sweet Pea, who was born without eyes. I need to worry about that. You aren't my friend. BUH BYE! Blocked!!

  10. I'm always fascinated by your painting process and the results as well. Your journal pages are fabulous, Denise! Enjoy the lovely gifts and thank you for the great picks!

  11. Nervy comment on any artists journal page...Your journal isn't to be fixed but to record what's in your soul at the moment. Wow...I smell envy! Love your new gal her stance is very cool...big eyed girls are awesome!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful process too!

    Peace Giggles

  12. Great journal page and I like the girl with the big eyes (I'm not such a manga-lover) and found my beloved storypeople under your post :-)
    Happy PPF and Imbolc

  13. I wouldn't change a thing, it has a Pacass-essence about it. I rather like it just the way it is! pssttt..Jackie is my tribe sister!

  14. Hi D.,
    Thanks for showing some of the steps. I love your intuitive paintings always!

  15. What a GREAT POST! Full of fun, color, gifts and words of wisdom/funny wisdom. Thank you for the link to your FB and the info on how to get my links up! You saved me sooooo much time. Love what you have done to your blog, looks great, colorful and happy...just like you! I am so glad to be back visiting again too.

    I like the big-eyed girls! Too cute! And you made a couple beautiful pages, don't you just love Gesso? Gesso is like a re-boot! And fun mail too? You did have a productive and prosperous week for sure. Happy PPF and thank you again for your comment and all the info. Big Hugz!

  16. Cute Febrary faces Denthe. Thanks for dropping by my blog today

    Happy PPF


  17. Wow Denise! I am totally digging your extreme journaling...and pfffft about that comment- I wouldn't change a thing either- this is you and what you feel, who you are. The commenter is probably looking at their world through rose color glasses- take em off and get real!
    A great spread- really!I always love that you put you into your art!
    Thanks for the sweet share my friend, and oops, I had no idea about flowers not being let in in Australia,even dead and dried-huh? So happy you like the tag- sorry I forgot the ribbon "(

    Oh I just love the house thought below, I will try and remember this one daily, it is so true!

    Happy weekend and huge hugs my friend!
    Jackie xo

  18. Extreme journaling sounds like something I might be able to get into these days. It's been hard to connect with my art with everything that's going on in my life. Mostly I just stare at my art supplies. 2018 WILL BE BETTER! Love your journal page and the girl is fantastic! Nice gifts from your friend too.
    Have a grand weekend!

  19. Oh my Denthe you have an amazing collection here. It's great to see the progression of journal page. Really sometimes I can't believe that people can make negative comments about an artists work!
    I'm just wondering why I never thought to do large eyes on my portrait... she looks fantastic!
    Great giggles at the end of your post once again. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend... Happy PPF to you :D

  20. I love your art. I wouldn't change a thing. Your art is all about you, not to please anyone else. It comes from you soul, and that's where it should come from!! Love it all!!
    Beautiful happy mail you got!
    Thanks for the funnies!
    Big Crow Hugs!


  21. Je bent toch weer goed in beweging met de penseel, de piek gaat weer naar boven
    Wat bijzonder,Denise dat jou heimwee je kleuren van een het land dat je hebt verlaten
    versterkt in je kunstwerken, dat is heel mooi!

    Lieve groet

  22. Denthe, I love all your art, including the journal page spread. i also love Juliana Coles' work, so I'm sure the class was great. Regardless of what others may "suggest" you do to your journal page (or artwork), my advice is: LISTEN TO YOURSELF (and no one else). Just as you did. I'm happy you kept it as it was and i totally agree with you - it's not about painting a pretty picture. An illustrated & written journal goes much deeper than just making things pretty. I love your page spread and love that you find meaning in the choices you've made. Your funnies always crack me up. Take care of yourself! xo

  23. yay for picking up a paintbrush again :)

  24. I am a fan of blogs too...thpugh have less and less time to peruse and enjoy...ypir work is so colourful and after All, journals are for your work...happy ppf...x

  25. Such amazing journal pages. love your use of color and images!

  26. your work is amazing, it seems to me you put heart and soul in your work,, I love that,, so inspiring your work is,


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