Friday, 22 December 2017

Overview of my creative year

Since two years I've been making an overview in December of things I've done creative-wise during that year. It's quite an eye-opener sometimes, because I always have the feeling I did less than it turns out I did. And it's also just plain fun to look back that way :-)

So here's my overview for 2017!

In January I decided to finally do something with some old trays I had laying around. This one I dotted on, and the other one I doodled on. We're still using these today, and they still look new :-)

In February I finished my first painting of the year: "Heal the world"

In March I was quite obsessed with finding images in my old roadmap-book, and looking for fitting quotes for them. This for me was a way to deal with all that was happening in the world:

In April I finally doodled again :-) Seems like I can hardly find the time to sit down with this nowadays, although every time I make one I feel how relaxing it is ....

In May I finished another of my very large paintings on canvas: "Feeling Blue"

In June I tried my hand at some digital journaling. I would love to do this more often, but it's a steep learning curve and somehow, yes, well, the old song .... I can't seem to find time for it....

July was filled with a new obsession of mine: keeping an art diary. I kept it up for about 2 months, but then I got more and more behind until in the end I gave up... I'm still looking for a way to fit art into my every day life. If someone has a tip: please share!

August was a very slow month art-wise. We went to Portugal for a few weeks, and I did a few ink drawings there... 

In September I participated in an art market, and finally finished a mosaic figurine that I had started when we were still living in Australia! Sometimes it takes a long time, but in the end things usually get finished :-)

In October I participated in my first online auction. To help Puerto Rico after the devastating tornadoes. Both of my pieces sold for more than 100 dollars! Wow, I'd never expected that! This is one of them:

November is always my calendar-month. I made 3 calendars for 2018, one with Dutch quotes and 2 English ones. In case you haven't got a calendar for 2018 yet: the links are in the sidebar!

December was and still is taken up by a workshop I'm doing with Fonda Clark Haight: The Down Deep. Very interesting workshop, I'm still working through all the assignments. Here's one of them:

And that's it! I love looking back and remembering things I had forgotten already. The new year looks promising with a new workshop I signed up for: Paint your heart and soul 2018. A course with 24 teachers, can't wait to dive into that!

This'll be my last post for 2017. I'll be linking up to Paint Party Friday and visiting all artists there in the coming days :-)

Just one more thing to do now: end with some funnies :-D

hahaha! LOVE this one!

And also some more serious ones:

Laura Adel Johnson

To all of you who have come here this year to visit my blog, to leave heart-warming comments, to show your support: THANK YOU! It means a lot to me and keeps me showing up as often as I can to share what I've been doing, to express doubts and ideas, to ask your opinions, to just be in the presence of people who "get" me. I want to wish you all the best for the holidays: warmth, joy, kindness and laughter. Here's to you and to 2018 ♥

See you in the new year ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. You know how much I love your art and you. I have been inspired and encouraged by you. Merry Christmas and the best 2018.

  2. Super art review and great funnies!

  3. Your art was wonderful this year. Love the funnies as always. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. You have created fantastic art! Merry Cristmas & Creativity for 2018!

  5. I love that I get an email every Friday with a link to your blog because even though I don't write mine any more and I don't get time to go to PPF I do love to see your art and what you've been up to. And your funnies (and not so funnies) at the end of each post always get me. I hope you have a wonderful festive holiday and that 2018 affords you the time to create many more of your beautiful intuitive paintings!

  6. such beautiful work and I think its great to go back and compile a years end post oF it!! I do love your style,, so talented you are !!

  7. thank you for sharing a year of amazing art again along with the calendar art (and you know how I LOVE mine!) and of course the funnies. A laugh or two always does the spirit good. A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. What a wonderfully creative year you've had. I love your round up :) Happy PPF from Number 22 :)

  9. You made wonderful art this year! ♥♥♥♥ Here's to next year being just as productive! :)
    Happy Holidays!!!

  10. Love seeing your year in review ♥♥ I have my new calendar setting on my desk waiting for January to replace last years. Then the old one will join the box with the others from the past so I can get them out and look through them when I'm feeling uninspired and just want to see some great art ♥
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!!

  11. What a wonderful look at your year! Thanks for sharing and for the laughs.

  12. great productive art year :) lots of wonderful colour!

  13. You are truly an artist of substance in every way! Thanks for sharing your beautiful humanitarian soul with the world, through art and words! You are appreciated far and wide! Beautiful work...can't wait to see more Fonda inspired pieces! Have a fabulous holiday with love ones,

    Peace Giggles

  14. It's great to see a recap of your fabulous art, Denise! You've been very creative and productive. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  15. I love it to see your overview! You created such wonderful artwork during the year. I love the tray as well as the "heal-the-world-painting" and your March-art-journaling very very much and your July art diary is adorable as well as the calendars are. And always a big hug for the funny humour postings :) Merry Christmas!

  16. a recap of your fabulous art!!!!
    I love this art!Fun the pictures ..
    Happy Christams and Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Greetings Elke

  17. I love seeing your year in review! Your art is so beautiful and it's nice to see what all you did over the year. Your Heal the World painting is just wonderful. I would love to take the Fonda Clark Haight class - her work is amazing! I am considering joining Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 - it looks like a lovely class as well. There are so many classes - it's hard to choose. Thanks for sharing your art here on your blog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. Wow! What a great post! (as usual)
    Each month you brought something new and exciting-even if you did not think so!
    I love that mosaic woman- she is just gorgeous and would make a wonderful paper-doll!!
    As usual I "get" and love your funnies, and I really love the others to think about- so very true and what we all should do and be-each of those.
    Denise, thank you for being such an amazing creatively and inspiring artist and sharing your gifts with us all- I look forward to what 2018 may bring from you!
    Sending you lots of love and huge hugs and best wishes for you and your family dear friend!
    Jackie xoxo

  19. Prachtige werken komen voorbij in jou overzicht!

    Denise ik wens jou en je familie, vrolijke kerstdagen.....
    Een goed en gezond en gezellig 2018.
    Tot 2018!

    Lieve groet

  20. You had an amazing year, filled with such beautiful art! Your creations are breath taking!!
    I hope you had a great Christmas! Here's to an amazing 2018!!!
    Many blessings!
    Big Hugs! Keep Being You!

  21. Terrific recap and so much terrific variety! I hope to do a post like this at the end of 2018 after a much more productive new year. :)


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