Friday, 14 July 2017

Watercolour girls

I have discovered watercolours again! First with the smudges that I make faces of in my new diary, and now I'm also starting a new "series", if you can call it that, of watercolour girls. I have been sketching a lot of these in the last weeks and now I'm trying them out on watercolour paper. Here's the first one:

I have to try out some things for the background, not sure whether I'll leave it like this, but I had fun making this, and I'm sure more will follow, since it consists of two of my absolute favorite things: making faces and using quotes :-)

Last week I was at the coast with the kids and my mother, in a place with no internet. So I didn't make a blogpost. So here's my diary-spreads from the last two weeks:

Week 4 started out like this:

and turned into this:

And week 5 started like this:

and became this:

I have now gotten into the habit of writing a few lines about my day every day, and I really enjoy reading back through it. I also feel these spreads are becoming more "me". Quotes are creeping in, and I'm trying out different things. We'll see where it ends ....

I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday and will have a look at everyone's blogs this weekend. For the last time this month, since the summer holidays started and I'm going offline for a few weeks to enjoy the time together with family.

I'll leave you with some (actually a lot of!) funnies :-)

And the other ones ....

Thanks so much for your visit and for leaving such lovely comments. I wish you a wonderful day, and a weekend to remember (in a good way of course!).

Take care and I'll be back in a few weeks ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Wonderful art, the journals are great, and love the funnies, especially the Trump ones! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love your have been busy...xx

  3. Watercolour girls from imagination...I love them. I love the cat and rabbit brothers funny, too. Have a lovely break.

  4. great funnies! And really, is there any medium you can't make beautiful art with??? Gorgeous watercolor girl and your diary pages -so fun. Enjoy your family holiday time. Happy PPF!

  5. As always your art is stunning and your humor is right on ... Enjoy your time off and we will all look forward to your return.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Lovely work, thanks for the laughs!

  7. I love the peek inside your diary! It's amazing to see the process and the final diary pages are wonderful and very inspiring. Your watercolor lady looks great too and the background suits perfectly.

  8. now if we could only get one of those Chinese finger things for his tongue! Your watercolor women are fantastic, I love the juxtaposition from your other ones, these are soft and etherial. Beautiful contrast. Have a great weekend!

  9. Is it wrong to say I LIVE for your funnies!!!!! I can always count on you to brighten my day with your art and your sense of humor! Thank you! :D

  10. I'm glad you will keep on painting faces, I love them so much, acrylic as aquarelle! You're fabulous! and for the environment it's much much better with aquarelle. I have something to learn here. your aquarelle faces and paintings are so soft and warm. and I also love your quotes! WishinG you a lovely summer and take care you too :)

  11. That's a beautiful watercolor girl. I like the background too. Your fantastic writing always adds that special touch to your work. I like the idea of actually journaling as you are doing as you describe your day..

  12. Expressive, beautiful watercolor girl. You have nice style to create art journaling. Love the pages.
    Have happy weekend xx

  13. Wonderful water colours and Jounal pages!! Thanks for the wonderful email explaining your writing process!! Such an interesting tidbit!! You always gives so much with all the quotes and wonderful artwork. Thanks for sharing and have a marvelous holiday! Enjoy your art journalling!! You'll be missed!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. love the light pastel colours in the top one :)

    have a good time with family :)

  15. Your watercolors are so different from your other work. I like it! I think the writing adds to it. I've been working with watercolors. It's new to me and a lot of fun!
    ~~ Irene

  16. The watercolor girl is sooo pretty! I adore her! Can't wait to see more :) Your journal pages look fabulous too!

  17. I love your art! Truly beautiful!! I love coming to your blog and seeing it!
    Thanks for the funnies! LOL! Big Hugs!

  18. stunning art, I love it ;O)) I watercolour to, maybe you like to see my blog

  19. I'm slowly catching up with everyone after some lovely family time. You enjoy your break too Denthe.
    I love the progression you make with your journal entries, your watercolour girls are so sweet and always fun to see.
    Cheers and until later :D) xx

  20. Wonderful pages Denise! I just love your girls that appear! You are so talented!!
    Your watercolor is the best- I love her thought- it is so me!!!
    Have the best time ever on vacation with your family! I'll be sending you thoughts and wishes for serenity and happiness!! xoxo

  21. What a shame I finally make it back into blogland and you're disappearing for the rest of the summer!! I love those journal pages you're doing - it's so interesting to see how you start with just little abstract blobs of colour and turn them into something wonderful.

    I always enjoy your funnies - I think we share a very similar opinion on the state of the world!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your summer holidays with your family!

  22. Wow I am loving the watercolors. Something I just seem not to be able to work with. I have been so busy with and caring for DH that everything else seems to be on the back burner. I AM doing PPF this week. Happy August.

  23. Hallo Denise,leuk dat jij ze de aquarel meisjes noemt,mooi dat je dit er nu bij doet.
    Fijn hé even geen internet,genieten van je gezin en moeder gezellig samen zijn,tot het weer begint te kriebelen.........tot dan.
    liefs een groetje

  24. Hiya, just checking in. Missing you in PPF, thought I'd find out what yer up to, lol. So, what ya up to my friend? ;o)


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