Thursday, 18 May 2017

Fast one

Uh-oh, it's late again and I spent too much time on the internet instead of writing my blogpost. So this'll be a quick one ...

After finishing a painting, especially one hat I've been working on quite a long time, I always have a bit of trouble getting into other things again, like working in my journals or doing some other productive things. So it took me a while to get something finished, and I'm not really happy with it, but I don't need to be, since it's in my journal and I can still rework it at a later time.

It's a long time ago that I did something in my journal, apart from the mapfaces, and I really need to get used to it again. I have to teach myself to play again. Which didn't work out too good with this journalpage, but I'm happy that at least I started again.

I also did another mapspread, that was a bit easier :-)

And that's it for this week! Except for my funnies of course :-D
Here goes ....

And the ones to think about ...

I'm linking again to Paint Party Friday, the weekly bloghop with art from all over the world. Click on the link to have a look or to join us! Everyone is welcome. It's a fun group!

Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words. I enjoy each and every one of your comments.

Take care of yourself, have a happy day, and make the most of your weekend! I'll be back next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Your art projects are always so inspiring nd have the most thoughtful messages too. Love. I don't know, but right now my faves at the end are the ones to think about:)Happy PPF and weekend to you!

  2. Coming here always puts me in a better mood. Thank you for that! :D

  3. Beautiful art, wise words and funnies...what a great post!!! Thank you 💕

  4. I love your people with the text around their heads...interesting to read! I always love looking at the funnies too! That dog looks so relaxed in the bath!

  5. wonderful art projects!
    Greetings Elke

  6. Your art is absolutely beautiful! I love the messages they share.

  7. Fantastic art and funnies. I want one of those rings! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  8. I feel so enlightened and fulfilled when I read your blog ... love everything you say so I am assuming we would be on the same page on most days. I also love your humor and food for thought. So honest, so funny, so smart ... Thank you, Denthe, you have put sunshine in a cloudy, cold day :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. I always love your art Denise. And then I get all the humorous little tidbits as an extra! Thank you for a good laugh and all the great art my friend.

  10. Oh I really like both of these. I think you got use to the map people. OK I am cracking up with these funnies this week. Thanks for bringing beauty and laughter into the world.

  11. Interesting thoughts on your art and wonderful faces.

  12. I think it worked out pretty well in your journal :) great faces as usual :)

  13. I know what you mean about having trouble getting back into things after a project. Looks like you did well. Your map faces always intrigue me. What I love about mixed media is that there is always another layer. Happy PPF!
    ~~ Irene

  14. What a great post!! Your gorgeous map girls are needing to be expressed, that's why they come so beautiful with such inspirational messages that sometimes even scare people!! They make a difference those map girls... a much needed difference!! Continue to embrace them...they will diminish when the time is right!! Your funnies are wonderful #1 is me to a tee!! The third one requires boundaries so you eventually do get time for yourself...people won't like it...just like the societal funny...but it will save your creative life if you do!!
    Always a joy to visit!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Your art and your funnies all inspiring:-)

  16. Ha Denise,
    alles wat je doet gaat veel tijd in zitten, als er maar tijd over blijft
    voor het maken van je prachtge kunstwerken, zo dat wij kunnen genieten
    en dat doe ik  hier volop.
    lieve groet

  17. I think your journal page looks fabulous! I'm trying to get used to working, and playing, in my journal again too, but I'm finding it difficult as well. But it's worth doing it, and as you say, it doesn't matter if a page doesn't turn out the way you like, you can just go over it, and no one ever needs to see it. That first funny is so me! Unfortunately, I often even forget things when I've written them down - because I forget to look in my diary...

  18. Your artwork is great, your sayings are Right On. . .Bear sounds good to me. Blessings, Janet

  19. I love your art!!!! The messages at the end are fantastic! Big Hugs!

  20. WOW Denise!! The first piece is so moving, this really made me pause and think...
    So sorry I am behind on visiting. Spring always takes us into the gardens for planting and now my son is here visiting!
    I do love your art so much and I do love you as the wonderful loving thoughtful and conscientious person that you are! Your posts always fill up my day!
    huge hugs my friend! xx


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