Thursday, 9 February 2017

New painting: Heal the world

In the midst of painting faces for the 29 faces challenge, I finished my painting! There are two faces on there, so they count for two days :-).

I started this painting a long time ago, but never got around to working out the ideas I had for the background.

While I was working on it, I wasn't sure about the dark background, but it kinda grew on me, and I think it makes the colours pop. So I'm happy :-)

I call it "Heal the world", because it just feels like that for me. I notice that lately I feel the need to make paintings where people live in harmony with nature and animals. I am so saddened by what we are doing to our beautiful planet and to the animals in it, and my paintings are sort of a tribute to all I love about nature. Bringing some kindness to the world in these sad and upsetting times. I reserve my raw feelings of anger and worry and resistance for my artjournal pages and my Facebookposts :-)

This is not an intuitive painting, so not so many steps to show here, but here are some pics from start to finish:

 using up leftover paint and trying out some things with drips

 stamps, sprays and lots of colour

 lightening it up a bit, because I already know I want to put a dark colour in the background.

 drawing my figures and starting to paint the negative space

mix of Payne's Grey and Phtalo Blue

And here it is finished:

I didn't post my faces for the 29 faces challenge on my blog every day. Not enough time for that, so here they are from last week:

Face #3: black ink on a map

Face #4: watercolour and marker

Face #5: found image in a map

Face #6: another watercolour and marker

Face#7: the first face from my painting

Face #8: another "found map-face"

And #9: the second face from my painting:

I managed to paint every day, but boy, I'm way behind with other things now! Guess by the time I finish this challenge I'll be up to my ears in administration and paperwork .... Oh well ...

Linking this to 29 faces challenge and to Paint Party Friday. Join in if you want, it's fun, and there's so much to see and admire in both of them!

Ending with some funnies :-)

And some to think about ....


That's it for this week! Thanks for being here, I really appreciate your visits and comments. I hope your day is going well, and that your weekend will be filled with kindness.
I'll be back next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. So much to comment on.....Lovely painting, beautiful faces, and funny funnies....and disturbing thoughts too..... :-/

  2. Hello Denthe - congratulations on finishing your painting. It's always a great feeling, and I too really like how the darker background makes the images pop.
    Thanks for including your process photos - always very welcome.
    Your sentiments are beautiful and most worthy. Living in sync with nature is a wonderful thing - being able to practice it in our gardens on a daily basis is such a thrill. I worry for our oceans and all the abuse they suffer at humans' hands.
    I'm getting so wordy now but I can't sign off until I say how very stunning each and every one of your faces are... oh and thanks again for the funnies and the no-so-funnies. Your posts are much appreciated.
    Cheerio now :D)

  3. Your painting is fab, as are your faces. Love the funnies, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. I really love how you paint animals and people living in harmony.
    In my eye the backgrounds are dark blue not black, and other colours look so beautiful on the dark back. The last girl from face painting is my fav.
    And the cat from funnies 😁 thanks!
    Have a happy PPF and the week ahead ♥

  5. I love how the painting emerged from the background, that was awesome. I also loved no 8 with the map.. So much wonderful art to see on one post.. Glad I didn't miss it.
    Happy PPF

  6. There is some gorgeous art work here - I love the sentiment of healing the world for the animals we live with too <3

  7. I love your new painting!! And somehow i missed 29 Faces this year--too much going on in the U.S. and alternative cash--lololo

  8. Stunning art work, so nice to see how you, great fun too :)

  9. Oh wow denthe, I hardly know where to start. There's so much here today. Gorgeous artwork and great faces. I'm so impressed that you can achieve so much.
    The jokes certainly made me giggle too.
    Happy PPF to you

  10. A wonderfully educational post! Both the types of paintings and techniques and the wise suggestions from the funnies! I love the map people!

  11. so many incredibly gorgeous pieces Denise!! I really love the Heal the World painting and all the thoughts and imagery behind it. Paynes grey-love! Brilliant faces too-all so wonderful in their own way. Always good to laugh isn't it... happy PPF!

  12. wow, those funnies and truths - some are great fun, others make me pause to consider.

    I am so glad you came to love your dark background it looks great.
    Congrats on so much art in your week.

    I hope the paperwork goes well.

    Faces are wonderful too.

  13. Love this painting and seeing the process photos! The dark background is beautiful.

  14. thanks for the step by step photos, love seeing them :) its interesting to see how the shapes emerge from the background :)

    and the orange one will never resign, he is too full of himself

  15. OMG are we ever on the same page!! Wow love all you have accomplished!! I love all the faces, the placement of the angry ones first, then enough, then the calmer ones! You are so prolific! Such impressive gorgeous work! I hope you make books with your faces! A big poster with Enough would be good too!!

    Love Giggles

  16. I really like the dark background in your new painting!!! The colors just pop!!! I didn't do Paint Party Friday this week... Couldn't get my brain to function enough write a's been one of those kinds of weeks. But lots of art in the works.

  17. Your dark background really makes the colors and images stand out. This is a beautiful painting. I also am impressed with the really nice faces you've done for the 29 Faces challenge. Good job!

  18. Wow! I'm never seen a painting done in reverse to reveal the negative space. That's really cool!

  19. Ha Denise,de donker achtergronden zijn echt mooi!!
    je hebt veel kunst werken vericht,je blijft me boeien!
    lieve groet

  20. I love your beautiful painting. Very interesting progress shots too. I always enjoy the funnies... they are both funny and thought-provoking!! Have a great week.

  21. These are all so fantastic. Amazing faces. That painting is wonderful. Great seeing the process shots.

  22. Yes, the images do pop. Love the fat cat. . .well, we didn't have to eat him, we saw a robin over a week ago and sure enough Robin was right, It's SPRING here. Blessings, Janet

  23. Oh Denise! I do love the black background and the new painting is just fabulous! Your title of "Heal The World" is so perfect,I do feel the healing from this.
    I also love your faces, especially those on the maps,they are so cool!
    As always, your funnies are great,funny & thoughtful!
    sending love & hugs,Jackie

  24. Such wonderful work! Love it all. Love the political memes as well! Great stuff, Denise!!


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