Friday, 4 November 2016

a quick one

It's past bedtime already, but I want to make a quick post to give you my new wallpaper for November and show some of the things I've been working on. Here's the wallpaper:

And here's the link to download it :-)

My calendar is finished! Actually, I should say both of my calendars are finished. I made two, with the same images but one with English quotes and one with Dutch quotes. I'll share the link where you can buy them next week, because I've first ordered them for myself, so I can check whether everything is okay before putting them up for sale. Here are some more images of the months:

I have been painting rocks, and experimenting with mandala-drawing on rocks:

 This was fun! I'll make more like these :-)

Felt like making big teeth ;-)

Lots more work in progress (including the toilet!), and also a new ink drawing in my journal:

And that's it for now! Linking this to Paint Party Friday, and ending with some funnies:

Yes, Trump again.... I sincerely hope that after next Tuesday I will never see his face again. At least not as president. He's everything I despise in a human being, and I just can't believe how many people fall into his trap. Pleasepleaseplease vote wisely my American friends ....

I don't want to bring politics into this blog, but I just want to share this one thing, that I read in a very interesting article here:

There is no way to make a vote for him feel like an act of principle or responsibility. You can’t make it right. You can’t say yes to Trump and yes to common decency. Those two things do not together abide.
On Election Day, America faces a choice, and it’s not a tough one, but a stark one. It is the difference between tolerance and intolerance. It is the difference between respect and disrespect. It is the difference between a politician with some flaws and a flaw threatening our politics.

After this week, no more politics on this blog! Thanks for visiting, and I wish you a wonderful day and a happy, relaxing weekend ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Great post! Love your rocks!!!! Awesome! And as always your funnies are funny! LOL

  2. Your art is always gorgeos what ever you paint. Fish with dog (?) is my favorit this time.
    Thanks for wallpaper!
    Happy PPF xx

  3. Wonderful art and great funnies. Trump i a disgrace for the world, I soooo hope he will not be elected. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. gorgeous art abounds here-and I am so looking forward to getting one of your calendars this time around:):) Gotta laugh thru politics that's for sure-I'm a bit scared for next week...
    happy PPF!

  5. I love it all but especially your painted rocks. I live on ten acres of rocks and need to learn that technique.

    EAGHL/Granny Annie

  6. Love the painted rocks and looking forward to seeing your calendar when you've cleared it. I'm sure it will be amazing! I think your art journal ink page is lovely!

    This election seems like it's been going on forever. I'm not American but it's still all very captivating in a train wreck sort of way.

  7. Lovely artwork Denthe. I am looking forward to the link to the calendar as I'd like one.

  8. Beautiful art! I LOVE your painted rocks - such great faces. Thanks for this post! Happy PPF. :)

  9. As always, your art is amazing! I love it all and I also love the funnies you post. I'm almost ashamed to be an American right now!

  10. I love how your calendar turned out with the snippets of your big canvases. Your rocks are always so fun too. I love your big brave opinions. Personally I always look at a persons character for all my decisions. If I never hear one compassionate thing spewed from their mouth I am alerted and suspect immediately. Beautiful art and soul my dear!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. The rocks are AWESOME!!!! So happy to hear that the calendars are done and will be available soon 😆

  12. The rocks are AWESOME!!!! So happy to hear that the calendars are done and will be available soon 😆

  13. The calendars are beautiful as is all your art. The rocks are so darling.

  14. The volume of your work is amazing!!! Love your journal page (especially how you use your script as meaningful background). Happy PPF

  15. Wow you have been so busy. I love everything but your ink piece is my fave. Thank you for the wallpaper. For some reason it touches my soul. I love your funnies and a perception on the politics here in the US from someone not in the US. I try to stay out of the conversation with friends and family it is so heated here to the point of rage and hate. It is an ugly time for sure.

  16. love the faces on the rock :D

    sadly I dont think people will have heard the last of Trump and his fans :/ his fans are crazy and have said a lot of stuff that hopefully doesnt happen but could easily lead to people getting hurt :/

  17. oh i just luv the birds, thanks for sharing your sweet pieces this week
    Have a good weekend

    much love...

  18. Denise het is weer echt mooi om hier te kijken,echte kunst!
    je stenen zijn ook echte kunstwerkjes je experiment is prachtig gelukt.
    lieve groet

  19. It must feel great now that you have finished your calendar! You did it! Congrats. I love your rocks too.

  20. Your calendar paintings are spectacular, so ethereal, and the way you use colour is magical. I also love your ink drawing with all the shapes in the corners and her interesting hair-style.

  21. All wonderful! My favorite is the sound of birds stops the noise in my head!

  22. I am always such a fan of your art, you must know this! Love those BIG teeth haahaaa Every piece shown here today is beautiful and I am so glad that you take a minute to share with us!Thank you!

    on another subject, Thank you for all of your support during this election- I absolutely agree with your sentiments about our impending new leader! I am 100% against Trump and all that he stands for-
    having said this, I am finishing my coffee and my husband and I are off to place our votes for Hillary Clinton, who will hopefully be our 45th President of the United States!! xoxo


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