Thursday, 13 October 2016

Quick post

I was wondering whether I should post this week, since time has been flying again and I didn't get much done artwise. But still, I did do something, so here's a quick share of what I've been up to:

Another journalplay with markers and words:

This is meant for Inktober, although I do not even come close to drawing something every day. Also, it might look not very "inky", but it definitely is. I made the background ages ago, and all I did now was draw and write with markers.

Here's another one:

I love using these longer texts, my journal almost becomes a kind of poetrybook that way :-)

And today I finally worked in our toilet again. I had been wanting to figure out first how to proceed, but it took too long, and today I figured I'd just grab my brushes and my paints and start somewhere. Anywhere. And I had so much fun that I didn't really want to stop anymore. But alas, life got in the way again.... I wish I had a week of uninterrupted time alone, with nothing to do but paint. For me at this moment that would be heaven ....

Here are a few images of our walls:

I need to make sure all the eyes in my figures are turned away from the toilet, lest someone would feel uncomfortable sitting there ;-)

Okay, that's it for the art part. Now for the funny part :-)

 hahahaa.... Love these, especially the cats and the Trump one :-D

Well, thanks for your visit, it was wonderful having you here and I hope you are having a glorious day and lots of time to do something you love in the weekend! Take care and see you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Ohhhhh I love these journal pages. Your lettering is perfect. I have never been able to print or write very pretty. I would so enjoy coming to your house just to use your bathroom LOL Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your bathroom is looking goooood! And I love your journal pages. The second one is very timely for me....I've been thinking that exact same thing lately.

  3. Love that bathroom, and the art journaling is great. Love the DT photo, so true! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Love your journal page and I wondered about your toilet mural. It is going to be a masterpiece when your done... grandest toilet ever!!!

  5. Love your journal page and I wondered about your toilet mural. It is going to be a masterpiece when your done... grandest toilet ever!!!

  6. Amazing journal pages and the bathroom is just a paradise I guess!

  7. I love seeing your art always! These new to me poetry pieces are exceptional! The humor is refreshing, we need some right now! Thanks!

  8. Your journaling pages are great. I prefer that they in the toilet don't look....;)
    I laf her aloud. It's better that Trump women keep handse like that!!
    Happy PPF xx

  9. Your poetry like journals are just fabulous Denise! Glad you find some time to play in them!
    And the toilet- WOW- I would stay in there all day-bet you just thought, gotta make sure not to ask her to visit! heeheee

    And your funnies?? Make me laugh aloud everytime!! The Trump one is kinda scary and sad when you think about it! The kitties and falling deer- haahaa!
    Happy weekend my friend! xx

  10. The journal pages are great and I absolutely love the toilet walls!!!! I keep telling my husband I am going to do something like that one of these days and he just cringes :)

    1. hahahaa, he cringes ... !? :-D Just keep going, you might win him over. I have to warn you though: it'll take a while before it's finished ....

  11. fabulous journal pages, and the toilet room-wow!! Good catch to think about where the eyes are in there though:):) Thanks for the funnies too. Happy PPF!

  12. Your journal pages are fantastic and your restroom turned out gorgeous. I'd spend more time in there than necessary. :)
    Have a happy weekend!

  13. Beautiful journal pages with the lettering lines! Love the funnies too!

  14. Love the journal pages. Happy PPF.

  15. Luv all your pieces, enjoyed my visit, happy PPF

    much love...

  16. Those journal pages are fantastic. I love how your text is interwoven into the piece. Happy PPF.

  17. Super art and all your funny photos did make me laugh...I really love the first one

  18. the bathroom gals...and the inktober pieces...your fonts are inktober worthy for sure!! Love the funnies...I should have used one of your funnies on my blog...I'll let you guess which one!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. I am still laughing out loud! Those pics were too funny! I liked them all especially the Trump women and the falling deer...hard to pick, i like them all. Your artwork and words are beautiful. I couldn't keep up with Inktober so I bowed out early. So glad you are still at it.

    Oh your toilet (bathroom?) is beautiful! I chuckled when you wrote that you made sure none of the eyes would be turned to the person on the toilet. I think it would be funny to make all the eyes look that way, lol. But after the initial laughter, you'd probably have to paint the eyes away again. It's just so fun looking. I never thought of a toilet being fun, however yours definitely is! Great job. Happy PPF and big hugs, Rasz

  20. Yes, your journal is like a poetry book! Love especially the second quote. So true. Your bathroom is so fun. I would occupy it for longer than needed just to looook and loook at all the details!😄. A week to paint... that would be glorious!!

  21. You are so thoughtful having all the eyes face away from the toilet ;-)
    loved seeing your poetry pieces. So nice to use old backgrounds.....
    wishing you time..... to paint

  22. Loving your quick sketches this week. They don't look fast to me. They came out great.

  23. seems you had lot of time for your art :) Love it! Especially the horse family :)

  24. Denise je hebt een droom van een wc
    dat kunnen niet veel mensen zeggen
    misschien blijven ze er wel langer zitten
    alleen al om je mooie kunst te bekijken
    en te bewonderen ik zie me er al zitten.
    groetje Christiene.


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