Friday, 6 May 2016

Sign of life ....

Well, I certainly never meant to stay away this long! Two whole months, without any art and frankly also without any spare time. And it still isn't finished. When I look back over the last two months I can't believe all the things that we've gone through and all that's been happening. Almost every single thing we did in the house took more time than we thought or went wrong all together. It was exhausting. To top it all off we had the terrorist attacks in Brussels with the whole country in shock, 2 days after we moved to our new house hubby's dad died, and hubby himself has been on deadlines in his job and has to work overtime almost every single day as well as in the weekends. I can tell you: we are very much in need of a break....

But looking on the bright side: spring has finally arrived, with warm weather and blue skies, we are discovering new flowers in our garden every day, and we very much like our new home. It's still full of boxes that we can't unpack because our floors are not ready yet, but it is so light, there are windows everywhere so we get the sun shining through the windows every moment of the day, and it is nice and quiet. It's a dead-end street, so very few cars pass by. So all in all we're happy, we just need a bit more free time :-)

I did manage to make a wallpaper for May. Here it is:

And you can download it here if you want!

I even managed to make one for April as well, since I promised my newsletter subscribers a wallpaper every month. Didn't put it on my blog because, well, there just wasn't enough time.... Here it is:

And in case you want it you can download it here.

I missed the blogging community, and I hope from now on I'll manage to find the time to make some art, and to blog weekly again. I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday and am looking forward seeing what you all have been up to! Thanks for visiting me here!

Ending on a funny note :-)


Take care and I'll see you next week! (I hope!) ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. It sounds as if you need a vacation! I'm going to be in the same turmoil very soon, as we are thinking about re-doing our home in order to put it on the market next year. I'm not looking forward to all the work! Hang in there! Loved the funny note ending!!

  2. Whew! You deserve a nice long vacation. But when the dust settles you'll be pleased with the results I'm sure. So sorry to hear about your father-in-law.

  3. OMG, you truly have been having stressful months, no wonder you feel like wanting a break!
    A warm condolence to the loss of your father in law.

  4. Sorry you had so much stress and so little free time, and hope that life goes upwards for you from now on. The terror attacks were really horrific. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Beautiful calendars. Hope you have Time to enjoy more your Garden.
    Happy PPF ♥

  6. Oh MY! Seems you need a week at the beach to just relax and become you again. Moving is never fun and to have so much else going on is over the top crazy. Sending You Prayers of Peace & Strength and Healing of Spirit ♥

  7. I laughed out loud over the writing on the car window! How funny! I can't imagine that big a household. Denthe, your calendar works are beautiful. I look forward to a time when you will be present more often on PPF. You have certainly had your hands full with all the happenings around you. Springtime is usually a time of rebirth, enlightening, blooming, etc. I hope it is a beautiful time for you.

  8. The car window-- Hilarious. wishing you a calm and peaceful month. You've been going through so much, I feel for you. Your wallpapers are delightful.

  9. Wow, you all need a respite real soon. So sorry for hubby's loss and the added stress of work overload. Hope things move along on a positive note and you can enjoy some time together in your new home in peace and quiet. thanks for the beautiful wall paper, and OMG- that funny-hysterical!!

  10. i've been wondering about you. Hope things improve for you and that you will have more time for art soon. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Oh, I love your last funny!

  11. Hello, I am so glad you are ok. I have been artless also until this week. Glad you are back. Also starting some remodeling here. Thank you for the desktop "May"

  12. So sorry about your father in sad..Sorry about your struggles but I'm hoping it was all worth it and life will be filled with love and art sooner than later! Hopefully you can enjoy the summer peacefully and artfully!

    Big Hugs Giggles

  13. Things sound like they have been tough for you...hopefully things are improving. Remember whatever circumstances you find yourself in they are never permanent...the sun will bring light and joy back. The people of Brussels have been through so much pain. I am so glad you are back blogging I love your artwork so much.

  14. Things sound like they have been tough for you...hopefully things are improving. Remember whatever circumstances you find yourself in they are never permanent...the sun will bring light and joy back. The people of Brussels have been through so much pain. I am so glad you are back blogging I love your artwork so much.

  15. Oh dear you really have had a time of it haven't you. So sorry to hear of the loss of your father in law. You've certainly had many changes in your life just lately.
    Hopefully with the changing season you'll be able to settle and enjoy your new home.
    Happy PPF to you. Have a wonderful weekend too. Welcome back!

  16. Wow you have really been on a roller coaster. I am sorry to here about your FIL. Taking on a remodel job is always more than expected. However when it is done you will feel so accomplished. Glad to see you back. Take in the spring fill days. Hugs

  17. Oh My...what a hectic time for you and your family! I hope some tranquility arrives very soon. I love your colourful calendar pages.

  18. Hope things are getting better for you now :) I think your calendar pages are fabulous. I always love all of your art!

  19. Sorry about your hubby's Dad. Never easy. And all the troubles with remodel, it's almost a given though isn't it. Here is wishing you speedy and trouble free finish so you can get on with the business
    of living. xox

  20. gosh life does sound too full. I wish you free time to do the things that make you feel good. I am so happy for your in your home that you are enjoying.

  21. Ha Denise,fijn je hier weer terug te zien.........
    Je hebt veel werk verzet,mooi als alles weer op orde is
    nog even dan heb je ritme terug gevonden,zo dat je weer kunt genieten!!
    en je kunst in het bijzonder!!!
    groetjes Christiene.

  22. Hello Denise!!
    So happy to see your post!
    Omgosh, i am so sorry to hear of your fil passing, my heartfelt thoughts to your husband and your family "( And the attacks were and are atrocious-someday Karma will intervene.
    On to your new home and lack of time! I know the whole situation well- my hub and i tossed back and forth which way to go when we were looking 3 years ago. We ended up buying a new single wide trailer and had it delivered to the property- everything was already done inside and now we work on the outside land instead! heehee always something to do -right?
    Visit again when you can- do not stress about media ,as you have too much going on in your life as it is- just make sure to make some time for your art- we all know how wonderful for the soul it is!
    sending love & hugs,Jackie

    1. ps...that photo is hysterical!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  23. sad news about your FIL,,, hard times for sure,,
    you sound so busy!!
    beautiful art! that van sticker is hilarious and advice he takes I hope for her sake!!


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