Thursday, 21 May 2015

A world that I long to see

I finished my painting! Well, apart from some small details that I still need to do (like finishing the sides and maybe do something with their clothes) I consider it done.

This was such a fun painting to make. I love adding all those small details and twirls and weird animals :-)

I ended up completely changing the face that I did last week. Her face was too small and her neck too long compared to this figure. Now they all have more or less the same size of heads ;-)

I am working on two more backgrounds. Can't wait to start another one!

I started this painting last year when I was still living in Australia. I'll show you the in-progress-pics from the very beginning:

 collage and drips in my favorite colours

more drips in more favorite colours :-)

adding random marks

and some stencilling

and stamps ...

This is the stage it was in when I left Australia. It was a joy to unpack it in the dark and dreary days of winter and I couldn't wait to continue. I added more layers, but regrettably I only took detailpictures and no picture of the whole canvas. So when I started the next layer it looked completely different.

Here I started to draw the figures and fill the background with white.

the white is taking over .....

And here's the finished painting!
"A world that I long to see" - mixed media on canvas - 61x61cm - 24x24 inches

I called it "A world that I long to see", because for me this painting is  about the connection I long for between all living things. It saddens me so much to see how we are destroying our world and the habitat of these wonderful creatures that live with us on this planet. I hope some day the majority of people will realize that the earth is something precious and that our natural resources won't be there forever if we don't start taking care of things. 

And look what arrived in the mail this week ...

Oh, so exciting to see my art in there, in a "real" book!! It's a beautiful thick book with a lot of eye-candy. Here are my 2 journalpages that were selected to be in the book:

Woohoo! It's an honour to be in there with so many great artists. The nice thing is that I know a few of the other artists in there, from workshops that I did, and some I know from my blog. Makes you realize it's a small world :-)

Well, that's it for now. I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow, click on the link to see some wonderful art! Hope you'll have a wonderful Friday, and some nice things to do in the weekend! Thanks so much for your visit, it's really appreciated!

And as always: my funny of the week:

haha, isn't that the way it goes ;-D

See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Painting the white makes the details and characters pop! Great idea! I too hope people will take care of all of the gifts the earth has to offer us!

    Thanks for sharing your process!

  2. How proud you must be to have your journal pages published! Well done!

  3. Wonderful work and congrats on having your work published! Valerie

  4. Denise this is incredible! I absolutely love it and how you painted negative spaces in this case leaving the figures in those glorious colours. Simply beautiful and all the more so for the reason behind what it represents. Like you it saddens me so much to see what we're doing to the planet and the creatures on it. I love this!

  5. oh, and huge congratulations on being published!! woohoo!

  6. Thanks for sharing your process and well done on getting in that book. Happy PPF

  7. What an amazing evolution this canvas took! I loved it after you finished adding the stamps. Congratulations on being published.

  8. Wow its always happy, passionate and full of substance over here! Congratulation on being published! Much deserved! Love the new style almost reversed from your last series which was also gorgeous!! Stunning work as always! Love your passion too! Thanks for sharing your whole spirit!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Wow, wat een geweldig schilderij! Prachtige kleuren en al die lagen geven het echt iets extra!

    Ik kom via het blog van Christiene even bij je langs 'piepen' en ik kon niet vertrekken zonder een reactie bij je achter te laten ;-)
    Gefeliciteerd met je mooie pagina in het boek, daar mag je trots op zijn!
    Warme groet,

  10. It's beautiful and the expression is so different with that white background. Loved to see your progress photos as well. Congrats on being published, I can imagine the joy of holding that book in your hands.

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting. I would give almost anything to be able to paint like this. You say you started it in Australia. There is someone painting like this in the Byron Bay area. Is it you?

    1. Thanks so much Rosie! No, it's not me, I never lived in the Byron Bay area.... (although I really like it there!)

  12. congrats on having some of your art published Denise!!! The details and colorful whimsy you put in each of your paintings is so impressive. I could just stare at them and still find something new every time:)

  13. Denise, the world needs to know your art.I am so glad you were publised. Love, love everything you do. Your use of colors remind me of many Brazilian artists.Your work is vibrant, brighr and tropical. Always your number one fan.

    Karla B

  14. Congrats. On being published. What a wonderful painting. Enjoyed the progress.

  15. Congrats on being in the book. Loved seeing your painting progress. It always fascinates me how others work. The cartoon was so right on. Happy PPF


  16. Congrats, to be in a book like that is awesome. I have enjoyed the 'white' painting and how it progressed. Blessings, Janet PPF

  17. marvellous painting Denise. The white background brings out all those wonderful colours. I love how you draw your female figures and little animals and the lovely faces. thanks for sharing

  18. The creatures are most fascinating, they all have so much personality. Great new backgrounds in the works as well. You are back to your creative flow big time. xox

  19. Congrats! Cool to be in a "real" book. And I love seeing how you created that fabulous painting. Have a great weekend.

  20. Congrats on being in the book.That's fantastic! Love to see your painting progress. It always fascinates me-- your colors and motifs are wonderful.

  21. WOW! I love the new painting!!! I always forget to take pictures as I go along... BIG CONGRATS on being published!!!!!

  22. I enjoy your art so much and especially your progress steps. Thank you for posting them. And a big congrats for being published.

  23. Fantastic piece and yes, congrats on being published!
    Merry creating!

  24. This is so cool, using the bright background to create something else. Congratulations on being published, it's well deserved.

    Love and hugs

  25. Denise, your painting is brilliant! as i was viewing the stages, I kept thinking how I loved your incorporation of animals- and the title fit perfectly. After reading down further about your connection to all living things and the desire that others might also wake up, I said- I knew I loved this gal!! ")
    i feel exactly the same way and also hope and pray that others will someday become aware!
    Thank you for always sharing your beautiful art with us! xx

  26. Denise, gefeliciteerd met je prachtig uitgave van je boek!!
    mooi dat je kunst werk klaar hebt.
    De vrouwen figuurtjes zijn zo mooi en ook je vreemde dieren
    mogen er zijn.
    Groetjes Christiene..................

  27. Wow Denise, your post is amazing! How fantastic to see the canvas from the beginning to the end! Wowzer! What a stunning piece of art! I am in love, haha! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  28. Oh, i love the finished painting!! awesome!

  29. Denise, this is incredible!!! What a fantastic painting! I enjoyed watching the progress and then seeing the final painting - it's wonderful. I love the title and can only second what you wrote. You are right on with every single sentence!

  30. Wonderful! So many details, thanks for showing the stages and thanks also for linking up the finished piece at Show Your Face this week. Big congrats on the book work. Kx

  31. Such a great post! I love how you built up this beautiful painting with the wonderful animals - it just dances off the screen. Many congratulations on being published. You are so accomplished and your work is a joy! I love getting to see so many lovely creations thanks to 'show your face'! xxx

  32. your finished piece is wonderful! i just love looking at it. playful and full of life.
    congratulations for being in the book!


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