Friday, 19 December 2014

I know there's an entire world out there

Another journalpage :-) How I enjoy working in my journal, never knowing what will come out of it, just starting from scratch.

Yesterday I spent the whole day journaling with my friend, and even my daughter joined us. We will try to keep doing this each week. It is such a nice break from all the hassles of everyday life.

It took me a while to find figures, so I kept adding layers until I could see 2 very clearly. I'm not completely sure this page is finished, might add more to it but for now I consider it done.

My friend suggested adding the one in the back, and I'm very happy I did that. Two always see more than one, right :-) That's an added pleasure of not working on your own.

Here's the entire spread:

And this time I remembered to take pictures while I was working! So here are some in-progress-shots :-)

 started with some paint, some drips, some collage and a stamp I made from a foam tray

Too dark in some places, so adding more white and a bit more collage

bringing out the two faces I saw first

Seeing the chin of another figure, and working that one out...

Decided to change the face in the upper left corner. She was freaking me out with that staring eye ;-)

That's it for now! Linking this as always to Paint Party Friday. Not sure whether there'll be many participants this week, with all the festivities coming up. I might take a break for the next two weeks too, trying to get my Christmascards sent (no, still didn't do that ....), get my commission ready, finish my year planner and of course enjoying time with family and friends :-)

Thanks so much for visiting. Hope you'll enjoy your day, and that the weekend will be fun without stress! Here's a little funny to keep you smiling:


And a little Christmas-wish ....

Take care of yourself and enjoy the holidays! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Wonderful art journaling, love the pictures. Valerie

  2. Beautiful and unique art! have a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015!

  3. What an imagination you have, love the final result and enjoyed the process photos. I especially like all the flowers you've added.
    Thanks for all the funnies, the one about the cat on the couch a few weeks ago was a riot.

  4. Such a wonderful gift you have given us. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  5. Beautiful my friend! Love the depth having that second figure behind the other. Very telling as though you left your other life behind! You know what's so cool about seeing the process is I found completely different faces! It would be interesting to give everyone the same printed out starting page and see where they take it!! May your holiday be filled with love Denise and everyone happy and healthy!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Love the colors! They're so warm. Thanks for sharing the process. :)

  7. wonderful. fab colours. i love your work. x

  8. Beautiful journal art!!! How fun, a whole day of journaling! Yeah, that's the ticket for relieving stress! Merry Christmas! Deb

  9. Lovely pages, sounds like it was fun to make! Merry Christmas Denthe!

  10. Nice artwork, you are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday:

  11. I am always fascinated by the way your faces emerge almost organically from the painted background. I adore your use of colour and free forms. Your journal pages are delightful! Happy holidays to you and your family.

  12. I wish I had a vision of images and figures when I start a page. You are extraordinary and your pages all have such a spiritual quality which I love. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and yours, and if I don't meet up with you again before the new year- may it be filled with many wonderful joys!

  13. Loving your journal work so much Denthe. Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. xox

  14. Wow!! First of all thanks for sharing the work in progress. I could never create something like that but still, it inspires me to try. The colors are so vibrant and the composition... well, there is so much to see! really amazing.

  15. Love the one girl peeping out behind the other one! I have the hardest time seeing the figures/faces until you point them out and then it's like, "Duh! It was right there the whole time!"

  16. Aaah, your layered art always inspire me. And thanks for the funny:-) Love it!

  17. Bright...beautiful...absolutely awesome!

  18. You absolutely amaze me at how you bring your pages to life! Beautiful!! Denise!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! xo

  19. i always love your journal pages. they are fascinating. and LOVE the funny for the week. :)

  20. Gorgeous Denise! what type of journal are you using - do they watercolor paper ?

    1. Thanks Joyce! I'm using a very cheap journal that I found in the discount bookshop, I'm not even sure it's meant to paint in, but the pages keep up surprisingly well. Discovered this by accident a few years ago, and since then this is my favorite journal. They have it in different sizes. I've never tried a mixed media journal or one with watercolour pages....

  21. Mooie Dente , om mee te kijken van het begin tot het einde
    mooi zo als je zegt dat het oogt wat staart.... ziet mooi en vrolijk.

    Het hondje zit al in kerst stres!

    Dente ik wens je een vrolijke Kerst,
    En een gezond en gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
    Hier bij jou familie ,heerlijk dicht bij elkaar.
    Liefs groetje Christiene.

  22. I love your art journal spread and to see the progress shots - it's so interesting to see your way of working.
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas as well and all the best for the new year!

  23. how wonderful to journal art with your friend and daughter
    that just sounds like the best kind of fun
    so awesome to see your pages!

    lovely holidays to you and yours!

  24. Amazing bright color and details! I always love the faces and creatures.

  25. prachtige pagina's!
    Hele fijne feestdagen en een gezond en creatief 2015!
    Groetjes Karin

  26. I really love this! So colorfull - and the art makes me smile :)

  27. Oh Denise I love your pages, that magenta is wonderful. Thanks for your good wishes and I hope that you have a wonderful new year in your new home amongst your family and friends.

  28. I enjoy seeing how you arrived at the final (perhaps) painting (thanks) and the faces are wonderful. I like the new one better with 2 eyes too. Merry Christmas and Blessings, Janet PPF

  29. Wishing you and your family a lovely and peaceful Christmastime!
    I am sure your cards are worth waiting for.
    Such a treat to see how your journal pages evolved and bloomed into a wonderful spread.
    Sending all good wishes for a very Happy and Creative 2015!


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