Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer of Color week 5

I have been offline for a week, enjoying the nature and the company of my little family in beautiful Rainbow Beach a few hours north of where we live. And although I took my sketchbooks, the days went by so fast that I didn't get anything done.

So when we got back last night I didn't even know the colours for this week's Summer of Color! Must admit I was a tad disappointed seeing that there was again no orange. For me, orange is the symbol of summer and sun and warmth. Plus it is my all-time favorite colour. Let's hope for the last week I can finally get my oranges out!

The colours this week are red, royal blue and a smudge of light blue:

I don't have a picture of my first layer, since I had to work fast this time :-)
But seeing it now makes it look very similar to the colours of week 2 .... The blue I used was royal blue, but looks different to the blue in the sample picture. Oh well ....

Still glad I got it ready in time :-)

And when we arrived here last night there was a surprise waiting for me in the mailbox! I had won a giveaway on Siggadis' blog! Look what I got:

I seem to be winning a lot lately, isn't that great!? There are 2 cute mini-cards, and a lovely little notebook. I so enjoy seeing what other artists create. It just makes the world nicer being surrounded by things that other people made with love. Thank you so much Siggadis ♥

In my Society6-shop they recently introduced biker tanks, and now there is a promotion of 5$ off when you buy one. On top of that there is free shipping on almost all products in my shop. But only if you use this link. I added some more shirts, and will be adding more in the coming weeks. Here are some examples:

The promo will end 13th of July at midnight.

And lastly, since I couldn't use orange in my SOC-piece, I want to share with you some pictures of beautiful Rainbow Beach, and the colours of the rocks there ....

The reason for the name is probably obvious. There are as many as 72 different coloured sands! The sand dunes have all these amazing colours because of the different minerals in the sand. At least: that's the scientific explanation. I like the aboriginal legend better, which is this:

"Way back in dream-time, there lived on the banks of the Noosa River a beautiful black maiden called Murrawar who fell in love with the Rainbow, which came to visit her here every morning. She would clap her hands and sing to this lovely rainbow.
One day the Burwilla, a very bad man from a distant tribe, stole Murrawar for his slave wife, beating her cruelly and making her do all his work, while he sat in the shade admiring his terrible killing boomerang. This boomerang was bigger than the biggest tree and full of evil spirit.
One day Murrawar ran away and as she hurried along the beach, which was all flat in those days, she looked back and saw Burwilla's boomerang coming to kill her. Calling out for help, she fell to the ground too frightened to run.
Suddenly she heard a loud noise in the sky and saw her faithful Rainbow racing towards her across the sea. The wicked boomerang attacked the brave Rainbow and they met with a roar like thunder, killing the boomerang instantly and shattering the Rainbow into many small pieces.
Alas, the poor sick and shattered Rainbow lay on the beach to die and is still there with all its colours, forming the hills along the beach."

 Look at that sky .....

I just couldn't stop taking pictures. So glad I was surrounded with these beautiful colours all week.

Okay, that's it for now. Better get this post out there before the weekend is over.

Thanks so much for visiting. I'll catch up with your blogs this weekend! I'm linking this again with Summer of Color and of course Paint Party Friday.

Take care, hope you have a beautiful weekend with luscious colours ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. It is a beautiful place for a holiday, that's for sure. Love what you have made for SOC, and yes, orange would be great! Great products with your art, too. Valerie

  2. Denise your tanks are look so amazing!! Your summer of color is wonderful too!! I love orange so much....I decorate with it because it's the one color I can't wear.....along with beige, which I would never want to wear! Your photos are thrilling...I'm in awe of that beach and those colors!! I thought I was lucky in beautiful B.C. with all the different shades of green...but wow, the orange is truly terrific!! Glad you were enveloped in color!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. It's always lovely to have a week off-line, then fun to catch up with Blogland again, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures of the sands and dunes. I'm waiting for orange too, here's hoping!
    Your blue and red picture is so clever and so well-designed, I love the two birds looking at each other and the flower and the so-true quote, everything about it is good.

  4. WOW! Your pictures are stunning! Looks like it was absolutely beautiful there. And I love the work of art that you created for this week's SOC challenge! It's beautiful and so creative!!!!

  5. So glad you liked your gift, if I only had known about your love of orange I would have made my gift with some more orange :-) loved readind your blog and Im following you now. Have a great day. Namaste

    1. Nooo, it's perfect as it is! I love aqua and blue too, and there's enough of that in your presents :-)

  6. Denthe, you have created another beautiful piece! I love the way the two birds and gazing at each other as the figures below look up at them - illustrates your words beautifully. And thanks for showing us pictures of Rainbow Beach and sharing the legend.

  7. luv the black tee shirts; have a nice weekend

    much love...

  8. you always come up with something beautiful and perfect for the soc challenges! The shirts look fantastic. What a beautiful vacation spot-so glad you were able to get some time away and enjoy!

  9. Your artwork is so beautiful and I love the rainbow beach and its story! Sigga Dis art looks amazing and how nice to win it! Love the second shirt!

  10. Really nice design. Great balance, perfect amount of texture. Love it!

  11. Love that sand, what a lovely place to holiday. Orange is one of my faves too. But your blue and red piece is wonderful as always Denthe, you are so talented. xox

  12. Even though it is your last minute entry the SOC painting looks beautiful. The quote makes it all the more meaningful. Love your new products on Society 6
    Happy Weekend

  13. I was impressed with the photos of your vacation at Rainbow Beach, as well as the legend. They were simply stunning and delightful. Of course, I came to see your SOC entry, and it's also a beauty. I like the primitive nature of the piece, with the girl and animal looking at the birds, as if to ask for guidance. Such beauty in this, too.

  14. Sounds like you and your family had a great week away at that most gorgeous beach and its beautiful colours. Your SOC piece is awesome, love how the eyes pop out and those t-shirts are so cool - wouldn't mind one of those for myself

  15. Your SoC piece is fabulous as usual, I really do love that style. I see a wink there from Kristin, so I wonder if Orange is on the final menu ;)
    Your photos and story are all so beautiful :D

  16. Your SOC piece is lovely and those are such beautiful beach photos!

  17. Your SOC piece is beautiful. Must be quite a challenge to create something with only 3 colours. I love the layout and composition of all the parts. Together with the words it creates a very powerful statement. Love your photos of Rainbow beach and love the explanation why it is called Rainbow Beach. Even though there was no orange in your SOC challenge, there is heaps of orange in your beautiful beach photos. Fijn dat je zon mooie vakantie hebt gehad met je familie.

  18. A gorgeous piece for SOC and those photos and colours are magnificent! That story is so lovely, full of poetry, how I love stories. Keep on enjoying those beautiful days filled with light and colour!

  19. ooooh! that beach, those rainbows, it's story! thank you!

    your summer of color piece is lovely!

  20. Even though SOC had no orange, you did post some gorgeous photos with orange cliffs. Wow! That looks like a fabulous place to relax on a vacation. Your red and blue art is lovely too. I'm with you on that, though, in that I think orange just shouts "summer".

  21. Wow your work looks amazing on those shirts! Also wow, what a story about the beach. Fantastic! And the photos are really lovely. :)

  22. You always do such great work on the SOC challenges - making it look effortless!
    I would love to spend time on such a glorious beach!

  23. Love the simple lines of the SOC challenge you created. Lovely quote too. Thanks for sharing your fab piccies. Great holiday venue.

  24. Absolutely lovely! Love the pictures of rainbow beach! Beautiful!

  25. It is always nice to take a week off the pc and just be in real time. LOL Your SOC is beautiful. I love your T-shirts. Those are just to cool!!!!
    Have a great week

  26. Love your piece for color, Adore the shirts (your art), and your sand pictures are just stunning!!
    I need to go back to work, so I can buy a few shirts- they really are so cool Denthe!

  27. Belated PPF greetings! I'm behind this week (as usual). Your artwork looks so good on those t-shirts! Great photos and SOC piece, too. I hope you get orange to work with this week!

  28. Gorgeous work!
    Love those black t's !!!

  29. I love your piece! The girl looks like she is singing to the animals :-) Congratulations on the giveaway win too! I need to start entering more of those bad boys :-P


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