Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Slowly but surely ....

It's not going very fast, this painting that I'm working on, but I managed to paint another face today. That leaves 4 more to go, and then the birds and the bodies .... But I enjoy working a little bit here, a little bit there. Time is limited lately, and I like to have something that I can work on in between.

Still not sure what to do with the white. I'll leave it like this for now ...

I also started the first layer of the second week of Summer of Color. Colours this week are Dark Teal and Coral, and a smudge of bright White. Here's what I have now:

Still some work to do, that's obvious .. ;-)

Thanks so much for leaving all your wonderful comments on my previous posts. I really appreciate this ♥ I'll be back on Friday for the Paint Party, and hopefully the finished canvas for Summer of Color. Have a great day!


  1. So far so great on both of them. I too am finding I like working on the details little by little.
    Have a very nice day today

  2. Nice progress on your painting, she has a sassy expression. xox

  3. I love the top one with the white background. Do you need to do anything with the white? It looks finished to me. :)
    Jess x

    1. not really, but it looks so white ... ;-) Not used to that at all, being a colourlover. But I might leave it like this for this painting ...

  4. I'm still loving the white space. Hope you keep it.

  5. i know what you mean about finding time. i'm lucky if I get 15 or 20 minutes a day! but i take what i can get. love the progress on your paintings!!

  6. You are further on your SOC - Week 2 project than I am!!
    Like your tiny splat of white!

  7. Just recently found you and I really love your art- just had to tell you! ")

  8. Such a great work you've done! I like the soft look in it and the beautiful colors! :)
    I miss to paint and draw, but yet I do not have capacity for that..
    Wish you a lovely summer! :)

  9. I'm liking the white background too...it seems to fit this painting well.. I really must get going on my summer of color.

  10. She's beautiful! And I love your starting ground for the summer of color challenge. :) I'm looking forward to seeing both pieces finished.

  11. Hi Denise, the top painting coming along nicely - its gonna be superb. I'll come back when you've posted ur SOC art !

  12. Love your green lady and looking forward to seeing where your coral. Piece goes x

  13. Dente je houd de spanning er wel in ik vind het zo al mooi
    maar weet bijna zeker als je het weer laat zien dat het wit weg is....
    veel succes..


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