Friday, 2 May 2014

winner of giveaway and a surprise :-)

Thanks so much for visiting and following my art journey! Usually by this time I have already linked to Paint Party Friday, but today I had to wait till my daughter was back from school so she could pick a winner for the giveaway! 

All the names were put in a bowl and my daughter was blindfolded so she couldn’t “cheat” (even though the names didn’t mean anything to her ☺). Only 8 people chose the “one girl”-painting, while a few would be happy with either. So I fully expected the “two girls”-painting to be the one picked.

As it turned out, this is the name my daughter picked:

And Gerdie chose the “one girl”-painting! Congratulation Gerdie! Please send me your mailing-address so she can be on her way to the Netherlands!

And then I thought: what the heck. I’ll let my daughter pick a second name, and if it’s someone who chose “2 girls”, then I’ll give the 2 girls away as well. If not, they’ll go to my Etsyshop.

So she did …

And this is the second name my daughter picked:

And Netty chose the “two girls”-painting! So congratulations to you too Netty! If you send me your mailing-address the 2 girls can come and live with you in the United Kingdom!

Aaahh, I love doing giveaways….. Can you tell ? ;-)

Artwise, this week was very frustrating. I started another “artjournal-painting“ on canvas and boy, was that hard! I think I need to practice a bit more in my artjournal. It started out weeks ago as a canvas for my leftover paint, and in the meantime it had gotten so many layers of collage and paint that I figured it was time to take it to the next level.

But it just Did.Not.Work.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but everything I did turned out blah. I’ll show a few stages that it went through:

It was like this when I seriously started working on it:

Went to this:

Then went to this:


I was ready to throw it in the back of the closet, but something kept me going. I can’t stand it when I can’t get it to my liking, so I keep trying and experimenting until I feel better about it.

This is where it’s now, and I’m finally starting to feel as if I could finish this more or less to my liking. It needs more changes, but it’s getting there … (I hope!)

I’ve also been working on some mini-doodles, have been making my own textile-paints, and started another box. Not much to show yet, but here’s a doodle-mini-painting that I finished (with a very relevant quote☺):

Well, that’s it for today. Sorry to all who haven’t won, but don’t worry, I’ll be doing another giveaway when I reach 300 followers ;-)

I’m linking this to Paint Party Friday, a weekly paint party that’s open for everyone to join, and if you don’t want to participate, there’s also a lot to see. Have a look!

Thanks for being here, and I wish you all a great Friday and wonderful weekend! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. such beautiful work, congratulations Netty!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners, and love what you have made, and the piece in your art journal. Valerie

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners... and lovely to see the progress of your painting too Denise... I like where it is headed...

    Jenny ♥

  4. Gefeliciteerd Gerdie en Netty!! En Denise hartelijk bedankt voor de kans. Je nieuwe schilderij begint alweer vormen aan te nemen. Wordt weer een prachtig gekleurd geheel. Vind het leuk dat je tegenwoordig ook bomen gebruikt op je schilderijen. Je Doodle is ook weer prachtig!! Heel fijn weekend!!
    xxx Marianne

  5. Congrats lucky winners! I think your new painting is coming along really well. It may have taken a while to get it to a place you're comfortable with but I think it's looking fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it finished. I like how you persevere. I have tons of unfinished art because I didn't. :)

  6. congratulations to Gerdie and Netty!! i love to see the progress in your paintings…it's always such a surprise to see the final piece :)

  7. Two lucky girls, Gerdie and Netty and congratulations to them.
    The paintings you produce are always beautiful, but even more beautiful is the lovely young lady you produced, she is gorgeous and has a lovely smile.

  8. Conrats to the winner's. Sorry I missed out though maybe next time. Thanks for sharing your process I love seeing how your pieces evolve.

  9. Congrats to the winner's. Beautiful pieces and your latest is awesome as well.

  10. Congrats to the winners!! WHOO HOO!
    I love how you paint hair - it is always amazing to me - I'd love any pointers that you would throw my way!

  11. Congrats to the winners - and frustration is just part of art. If everything went perfectly - well, we'd never have any real breakthroughs. Or so I've heard - LOL

  12. Lucky Gerdie and Netty to receive those gorgeous paintings. The new WIP has all the potential of being every bit as gorgeous as those two were. And the doodle is much more than a doodle, Denthe. It is a beautiful work of art.

  13. Congrats to the winners! Your new work looks pretty good to me, and I bet it wil be great when it's done.

  14. wowee am so lucky lucky lucky..............thank you so much Denthe, you know how much I love your artwork.
    Love the new WIP its going to be another stunner and the Doodle with its great words is terrific. Happy PPF, Annette x

    PS nearly forgot, congrats to Gerdie as well x

  15. congrats to the lucky winners!! I am so impressed with how much color you use in your work and then not just always "see" things in it but illustrate it so perfectly. Even if I saw something in one of my things I could never draw it out. Your doodled mini is really fantastic too!

  16. Congrats to netty and gerdie! I imagine it must be a different kind of frustrating when it's an intuitive painting as you dint at our with any particular subject in mind. I'll look forward to seeing how it develops as your process always fascinates me. X

  17. Your creative. Progress sound so. Familiar. Sometimes I can't sleep if something. Is bothering me about a painting....there is nothing worse! You have worked through it and it is looking fabulous! How lucky your winners are!!!

  18. Gefeliciteerd Gerdie en Nettie,

    En je dochter heeft het mooi gedaan!...Dente!

    bedankt dat ik mee kon doen.

    Dente ik wens je een goed weekend

    liefs een groetje Christiene.

  19. Lucky winners! your new painting is going to be magnificent, love how you added the trees

  20. Congrats. I am sure both ladies will be thrilled, love your painting in progress. xox

  21. Bravo for sticking with it - your painting will be beautiful - I know it. Congrats to the winners. How thrilling (and lucky)!

  22. lucky winners! I had the same problem recently with a painting. I kept at it and finally finished it this week! I love your paintings and have faith you will make another fabulous piece!

  23. Congratulations to the lovely winners!! I like where this painting is going...I think you just might be on a new path!! Everything you do does turn out beautiful in the have a good eye....doesn't flora recommend pushing through the rough stages....I keeps hearing that from bloggers anyway!!
    Hope you have more creative successes this week!!

    Hugs Giggles

  24. Congrats to the lucky winners! Love how your painting is progressing, I always have a stage where I hate my painting and you show the trick is to keep at it. Love the doodle and the quote.

  25. Hooray! Congrats to the two winners! Your daughter is super cute, by the way! :D

    I am so happy to learn that something drives you forward when you're unhappy with the way a piece is progressing. Part of me wants to set such things on fire, but the other part insists I carry on until I salvage it, and that second part is a stubborn jerk! In this case, your persistence has TOTALLY paid off. It is looking fantastic! Go you! You will be in love with the final result - I can feel it! :D

  26. Congratulations to the two lucky winners!!

  27. Lovely work, as always. And I love seeing the progress, the metamorphosis.

  28. You have made two people very happy through your draw! Thank you!

    I am totally into intuitive painting right now, but am keeping it abstract. I can't seem to push it that one step further to paint images like you do. I do like the abstract part and don't want to cover it up! So I totally can appreciate your struggles!

    I like what you have done so far!

  29. Congrats to your winners. uuuhh your art is anything but blahhhh. Wonderful pages. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Wishing you a happy weekend

  30. Lucky winners! I like your new painting. Besides, I have faith in you that you will bring it around to the point where you love it.

  31. Your post today felt festive and generous. Thanks for sharing your work and processes!

  32. I didn't know about the giveaway!What a shame!Love your post today.When is the next giveway going to be?I want to take part in it!

  33. It is always SO INTERESTING to see those painting stages where you just don't like what's going on. This happens even with markers. The middle parts sometimes seem to me SO DREADFUL. But most of the time (not all, but most) if I keep at it, it works in the end. It's a good thing to remember. Sometimes I still forget. :D Can't wait to see the painting a little further along still!

  34. Denthe lovely artwork and wonderful giveaway! :D I wish I knew about it! :D How exciting! Congratulations to the lucky winners! i love doing giveaways also. I hope you are well and have a lovely weekend!!! :D

  35. Hi Denthe, I have just come by to say hi. I wished I had a little more time to keep in touch with you and your blog but I guess that is life. It is nice however to catch up with you and read some of your older posts. Also each time I do come by I see how much your art is leaping forward!!!! You have some wonderful things on show. You mentioned a little while back you are doing 100happydays I would love to follow you. Where do you post? I am half way there now and I still love it as much as I diid when I started..
    I will be back :)

    1. Yeah, time does fly! I'm posting my happydays-pics on my Facebookpage, finding it hard to keep up though. Sometimes you feel happy about something without being able to make a picture of it ....

  36. Congratulations to the winners and lovely works :)

  37. How lucky for the winners! Wonderful pieces, cute prize drawing person too ;)

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  38. What gorgeous prizes! What lucky winners. I love your new collage. It is so interesting to see an artist's progress. Happy PPF

  39. Uppps have missed your giveaway, but it seems that there are two happy winner found :) When I look at your progress fotos I am always amazed by the plenty of layers your paintings are build up with! So wonderful to see ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  40. Fabulous prizes, the winners are sure lucky. I love your bright art. Sorry I'm so late, it's been one of those weeks.

  41. Yay Netty! LOVE that you gave them both away - and love the box you've started. AND your tenacity is going to make that finished piece brilliant ;) xoxo

  42. You are quite hard on yourself... but I can also understand the feeling of not being happy with a painting (or whatever one likes to create). I have been in that phase for a while now...
    Congratulations to those lucky winners!!


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