Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Preparing for the market

First of all thanks so much for all the wonderful comments I received on my previous post. They warm my heart ♥

Next week Friday I'm participating in another market. I hadn't really planned on doing another market before December, but I was asked to join a collaborative market initiative during the big Festival of Sails in Redcliffe on Good Friday. So okay, why not.

But as always with markets (and this is driving my family nuts) (and myself too, come to think of it ☺) I think I have enough time to prepare. Meaning: I don't really prepare until there's only 2 more weeks to go and then I start to get into a slight panic. So I start working on 10 things at the same time and my worktable explodes and spreads out over the entire kitchen....

Sigh .... I really need to change this ...

So amidst the explosion, these are some of the things I've been working on today:

New mini-paintings, new boxes, and that pile of little wooden pieces will be painted and turned into something like this:

Oh my .... I hope I'll manage, because it's also school-holidays and we might be going away for a few days. It's a good thing I'll only have a teeny tiny table at the market, so I won't have to take too much :-)

Meanwhile, I got a message from Society6 that they're having a promotion again: free shipping and 5$ off each item in my shop. If you're interested, you'll have to use this link to get to my shop.

The promotion expires on April 13 midnight.

I also got a message from Grace over at Redbarn Studios whether she could post about my doodles on her blog. She wrote a wonderful post about doodlers that inspire her. She is a bookbinder and makes beautiful journals and notebooks. Have a look over at her blog.

And last but not least: Sandra from the Woven Tale Press asked us to share a new weekly contest they have on their site. The Woven Press is a montly e-magazine with the best of the creative web. You can read all about the weekly contest here.

Okay, high time I went to bed, have to work tomorrow ... :-(

See you on Friday for the Paint Party. Thanks for visiting me!


  1. holy moly girl, you do sound busy
    and all sorts of good things you are busy with!
    so happy for you, and yet i do hope you get some sleep.
    every thing you are up to looks so good. Wishing you a grand market that makes you feel like it is worth your while!

  2. I hope the market goes well, you are focussing on the right type of smaller goods that seem to go better at these events. And here's to a good family holiday, I do hope you grt some rest in, you deserve it.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Denise!

    And boy do I know how crazy it gets with me and in our house the few weeks leading up to a market. Last time I did one I even had a friend who had come over for dinner about 4 days before the market come upstairs to studios to help crank things out. We have a laugh about that now. All the best for a successful day to you.

    1. haha, that's even worse than I am ;-) Although I must admit that I'm inclined to "use" my kids for help ....

  4. Looks like you wait until the last minute but then you unleash a storm of creativity. You are making beautiful things. I am sure you'll have a blast at the market! enjoy!

  5. Leuk dat je weer aan zoveel bezig bent. Ik hoop dat je goed verkoopt met de markt en de aanbieding van de shop! Groetjes, Marianne

  6. I remember those days well from when we used do Native American Craft fairs.... all those late nights the week before the event I was a Zombie :) Your stuff looks great and I'm sure you'll do well . Take a deep breath all is well ♥

  7. I believe a market is the same as an art fair in the states. I've heard it can be quite stressful and time consuming to prepare for one. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great. :)

  8. Busy busy, good luck. Saw that friend Jessica bought one of your beautiful paintings....love your work. xox

  9. Good luck, i'm sure yu will do really well!!!

  10. Beautiful mini paintings Denise... hope that you sell lots of your wonderfulness at the market... fab interview and love your Society6 goodies X

    Jenny ♥

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