Monday, 29 April 2013

2 more days to the Etsy-promotion ....

I'm getting really annoyed with Google+. I haven't been able to leave a comment on several blogs because now all of a sudden you need to have a Google+-profile to be able to comment. How crazy is that! After hearing all the negative experiences with Google+ I decided to stay as far away as possible from it, but now they're really pushing it into everone's face. And I refuse to sign up for it. I want to make up my own mind and not be forced into signing up for something I don't like. I wonder how much longer the "normal" bloggers will be able to do things ....

Anyway, today I've been having a look at the profiles of all the people that signed up for the Etsy-promotion. For a lot of you I can't find any email-addresses, so I'll have to send the list of shops you'll promote to your Etsyshop. Of the last person that signed up "Morning Prayer" I can't even find the Etsyshop... Went to her blog, but there's no email or way of contacting, except for leaving a comment. And, well, you guessed it .... I need to have a Google+-profile for that .... Aaarrgghhh!

So "Morning Prayer", if you read this, please send me an email or leave a comment on this blog with the link to your Etsyshop, otherwise I will have to remove you from the list .....

I'll close the linkylist on the first of May Australian time. So for some people it will still be the 30th of April. If you are thinking about signing up but haven't already, better do so now.

I haven't been doing much art in the weekend, except for the nightly art journaling with my daughter.

Here's another page in my Rod McKuen art journal:

I felt like doing really wild crazy hair. So much fun ....

And I finally finished another doodle while working in the art gallery:

And lastly: another oneliner:

I'm making these oneliners into postcards. Hopefully by Wednesday I'll have some listed in my Etsyshop.

That's it for now. In the month of May, I'll replace my inspiring artist posts on Wednesday with the promotion posts for the Etsy-shops. So do come back here and have a look, there are some wonderful Etsyshops to promote ....

Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your lovely thoughts in the comments. See you on Wednesday! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. schitterende creaties heb je weer gemaakt, en die quote bij de laatste vond ik geweldig,haha

  2. Beautiful girls, love your flowing line work! <3

  3. i could get lost in that hair!! Love it! Love the one liner too,never heard that one before. :)

  4. Love your girls. You can actually havew both normal blogger and g+ I have! I started off with g+ but someboby told me I wasnt able to receive replies to my comments, and she redirected me to a site that told me how to switch to blogger and still keep g+. I noticed this weekend I was able to leave comments on both types. I cant remember the site that told me how to do. But I will look back at my posts and try and relocate the link. All I can remember was going int to google account settings! Hope that will help.

  5. Back again I found the link - She is doing it from the veiw of already having a g+ account, and reverting back to plain blogger. I left my inerface as plain blogger and g+ is there but doent show, it means that you can get their comments and you can comment on theirs.

  6. Leuke tekeningen!! Ik vind je doodles allebei weer top en je quote (one-liner) weer hilarius. Hier ben je echt een kei in. Vooral doorgaan!!
    xxx Marianne

  7. LOL, I love the one-liner quote, so funny!!! Thanks for brightening my day!

  8. Ugh, I SO agree. I like the good ole blogger best too :-
    AND I LOVE that you journal with your daughter - I hope to get there someday too ;) xoxo

  9. your art is absolutely amazing!!

  10. Hello, yes please do remove Morning Prayer. I think it was knee jerk Linskyness. I am peddling as fast as I can to open an etsy shop. I can probably get some presence there in a couple of days. Am reading through their help book. Would love to be included in this. One of your readers mentioned you when she found my blog. Do I still have time?

    1. Hi Barbara
      Sorry, I can't reply to your email because you're a no-reply-comment-blogger (if you want to fix that, you can find how to on the Etsy-promotion page on top of my blog), and I can't comment on your blog since I don't have a google+-profile ....
      I think it's best you don't participate if you haven't yet opened your Etsyshop. You need to promote 5 other shops in one month, and 5 people will be promoting you, and they need the link today. Depending on the results, I might repeat this another time, so you can participate then, okay?

  11. I love the wild hair of your first girlie and I think the passion one is just fabulous! You have a wonderful quality of energy and movement to your pieces. I had been thinking about trying google+ but it seems to be problematic in how it's set up in some ways...

  12. I too have problems publishing comments in google+

    What lovely drawings! especially I like the first one. and no 2 is also lovely and fun! :)


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