Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Artists that inspire me: Ken Law

It seems like ages ago that I featured one of my favorite artists on this blog. But ... it's Wednesday, and with the Etsy-promotion behind us it's time to introduce another inspiring artist.

 Ken Law is an American artist living and working in Taiwan. I discovered him some months ago and was immediately drawn to his style of painting.

 Ken is an "outsider" artist, which basically means a self-taught artist who is not part of the artistic establishment.

It can also refer to art that is outside of the mainstream styles of art.

In some ways he reminds me of Jesse Reno ....
He has different styles, but characteristic are the strange subjects and the bright colour palette.

I absolutely adore his style. I could look at his paintings forever and keep finding new things in them ...

I love the rawness of his paintings, the emotions that come pouring out.

He has an amazing body of work. You can see more of his art on 
his blog or 

Hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. Thanks for visiting! I'll be back on Friday with my next Summer of Color piece. Hope to see you then ♥


  1. His paintings are awesome. Love them. Thanks for sharing his work.

  2. Hele leuke schilderijen, alhoewel ik niet alles prachtig vind. Maar zijn kleurrijke dingen spreken me wel aan.

  3. Hi Denise, i love his art too, i enjoy coming to your blog and discovering different artists, thanks for sharing

  4. Oh Denise he is Fabulous.... I love his style too!! Colorful, full of action and interest! Thanks for sharing!! You should have a button on your side bar with all these cool artists!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. His art is amazing!!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!


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