Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Etsy-promotion: Maikacreations !

Caroline from Maikacreations makes fun children's clothing from new and recycled fabrics. She is mother to two little boys and lives in sunny Brisbane.

Browsing through her shop is a joy. I am a sewer myself (though not as proficient as Caroline ☺), and I love to use recycled fabrics, so I can totally relate to her enthousiasm for using something old and making it new again.

Caroline started sewing in her teens, but it was only after she settled down in her thirties and had babies that she took it up again. She's always on the lookout for old fabrics with a certain whimsy, to give them new life in the shape of simple and fun clothes for kids.

All Maika clothes use an element of recycled fabric, often combined with contemporary fabrics from retail stores and what she can find in her fabric stash.

Aren't these adorable? Because of the recycle element most of what she makes is one-of-a-kind, or made in very limited quantities. So if you see something that you like you better grab it right away, 'cause it might not be there much longer .... 

Caroline has a blog and a Facebookpage, so head on over there and give her a like.  You can see the projects she's working on. And don't forget to visit her wonderful shop, there's more where these cuties came from!

Hope you enjoyed this week's promotion. Only 2 more to go and the month May is over and done with. Can't believe it. Sometimes it frightens me how the time flies. And the older you get the worse it becomes. Thanks so much for your comments on my previous post, at least now I know I'm not the only one suffering from too-little-time-frustration ... ;-)

Thanks so much for visiting. I'll be back on Friday for the paint party!


  1. Lovely post, those clothes are adorable! <3

  2. So adorable it makes me want to have kids to dress up in these clothes. :)

  3. Thanks Denise! A super lovely blog post, I'm almost blushing :)

  4. They look so cute.I especially love that little skirt with the pocket in front. Today I too have tried my hand on the Geometric pattern painting. Thank you for posting that tutorial.

  5. such charming clothing, thank you for sharing.


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