Friday, 27 March 2015

Painting in progress

Didn't get to paint as much as I would've wanted this week, but still, managed a few hours and it felt sooo good :-)  I remembered all of a sudden that I still had an unfinished canvas from when we were in Australia, and I've worked on that. It's not finished yet, but almost there. Here are some sneak peeks:

I used very bright colours, to make up for the grey and rainy weather we're having here. And cold ....! Man, I forgot how long the winter lasts in northern Europe ... Although, reading some of the other blogs, I guess we can't complain, there are places that still have snow. Ugh!

I didn't draw my figures on the other canvas that I showed you last week. Because I decided it could do with a few more layers ;-). So I went to work with my inks and, yes, with bright colours again, and got some gorgeous details. Here are some of them:

Oh, I so love playing with colours. The possibilities are endless. Next week I will try to draw some figures on this canvas. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll keep this canvas for an intuitive painting. Not sure yet ....

That's it for this week. Artwise I mean. I've been trying to re-open my Etsy-shop for ages, but it has taken me until now to recalculate the shipping rates and put all the prices in Euros. Almost finished now, so one of the next days it will re-open. Although I was in serious doubt about opening up again, since there are some things about Etsy that I really don't like. But I haven't found a good alternative yet, so until then it'll have to do ...If any of you have any suggestions about other sites similar to Etsy: please share!

One more thing about Soulfood: I got a comment last week from someone who forgot to sign up and thought she was too late. No, you're not! You can sign up for Soulfood until the end of the year if you want, because that's how long the class stays open. The videos are all downloadable to your own computer. So even if you've missed classes, you can still catch up. Getting pretty excited now, my class will air in 3 weeks :-)

I'm linking this as always to Paint Party Friday. Click here if you want to see lots of varied artwork from around the globe!

Wishing you a wonderful day, and a peaceful and fun weekend to reload your batteries!! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 20 March 2015

I'm back

Phew, lately I feel as if I'm constantly short on time. I cannot believe how time-consuming making a video-lesson is. It might have something to do with me making it too long, wanting it to be perfect.... And of course, since it's the first time I do this, I still need to learn a lot about editing. But it's a great learning-process, I'm so happy to have been given the chance to do this, and I know I'll be able to use everything I'm learning now in future projects.

I forgot to show you the journalpage I made in preparation for my Soulfood-class. I showed 2 of the faces, but there were many more on the page. Here it is:

I didn't get the chance to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Paint Party Friday last week, but as far as self-portraits go, I guess all of these figures could've been me at one time in my life ;-) (except maybe for the hair colour.....). I really enjoyed visiting the blogs of other participants on PPF and see all the different and unique self-portraits.

As I've been buried in video-editing material over the last 2 weeks, I didn't get a chance to do much else. I've made some sketches though, that I want to use in a new painting of mine. Do you remember this background?

When I unpacked it after our container had arrived, it gave me such a happy feeling because of the bright colours. I can't wait to start painting on a big canvas again. I want to make another painting like this one:

And these are some sketches I've been making in preparation:

Oh, so looking forward to it :-)

I also want to try out some of the other lessons on Soulfood. There are so many different styles, and each single one gives me inspiration. We're approx. halfway now, so still a lot of lessons to come. Can't wait!

Well, I'll go back to putting the finishing touches on my Soulfood class. Hope you're having a wonderful day, thanks so much for visiting! Linking this to Paint Party Friday, the weekly blogparty that has entered its 5th year already!! Take a look over there, it's worth it! ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 6 March 2015

overview of the 29 faces challenge

This'll be a quick post, because I'm in the midst of videotaping my lesson for Soul Food! Oh, I'm learning so much doing this, and you know what? I really really enjoy teaching! I might start to make a whole series of small workshops online. And some people have been asking me to do live workshops. I might make that my mission this year :-)

But first I'll show you the last two faces for the 29 faces challenge.

Face 28: pencil and marker (and more hair than face really .... ;-) )

And the bonusface (since February only had 28 days this year): watercolour and marker:

And here's an overview of all the faces I did this month:

I'm always amazed by how much one can get done in one month. Thank you so much Ayala Art for organizing this! It's one of my favorite challenges and I'm already looking forward to September :-)

Okay, I have a question for you: when you do an online workshop do you prefer to watch everything in "real time", or do you prefer to have some parts fast forwarded? If I leave everything in real time there might be a lot of video's to watch and with people always being stressed for time it might not be the best thing? Just wondering .....

I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday and for the last time to 29 faces challenge! Take a look over at both blogs to see the beautiful things people create!

And don't forget: you can still sign up for Soul Food! The classes started in February, but you have access to the class until the end of the year, and all video-lessons are downloadable to your computer to keep! I haven't had time to try out any of the lessons yet, but I have watched almost all of them and really enjoyed it. Give it a try! There's so much you can learn :-)

Hope your day has started out wonderful, and that the coming weekend will find you happy and healthy. Thanks so much for visiting! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 27 February 2015

Where did February go?

Can't believe it's almost the end of the second month of the year!! Time always flies when I'm doing the 29 faces challenge, but it seems this time it went even faster.

I managed to keep up with the faces though. Here's faces # 20 through 23, all from the same journalpage:

I had been reading an article about the lives of women in societies where women have no rights whatsoever. It was heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. And a few days later, when I was painting in my journal, these women appeared. Shapeless, without hands, powerless, but somehow still with strong minds that can't be broken. I love how my feelings find their way on my pages and paintings without me having much say in it. Sometimes I only realize after I've painted something that it has to do with emotions or feelings or things I've dealt with in the days before. Here's the whole journalspread:

The quote from Virginia Woolf says: "there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind". Love that quote!

Here's face #24: another lyricsgirl with lyrics from Heather Nova

Face #25: coloured pencils and marker

And faces #26 and #27: both from the same journalpage that I made while preparing for my Soul Food class in April. So much fun to try things out, I'm getting really excited about it :-)

I'll show the whole spread in my next blogpost. Only 2 more faces to go!!

That's it for this week. Thanks for visiting! I love reading your comments :-) I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday, and to the 29 faces challenge of course. So many talented artists, click on the links to see their work!

Hope you're having a wonderful day, and I wish you a nice relaxed weekend doing things you love ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 20 February 2015

Third week of the 29 faces challenge

It was hard this week to get all my faces done. Somehow time ran away with me. But in the end I managed it :-) There's still some day this month that I have to make 2 faces, but we'll "worry" about that later ☺

Face #13 was part of a journalpage:

As well as face #14:

And here's the whole journalspread:

I had an accident on this page, shaking a bottle of white fluid acrylics that I forgot I had already opened.... I just let it all drip across the pages, and in the end it turned out okay. Love making these weird figures, just following lines that are already on the page from previous layers :-)

Face #15 was another lyricsgirl, with lyrics from Heather Nova:

Face #16: watercolour and marker

Face #17: watercolour

Face #18: yes, I finally made another floodle (doodle combined with flowers)

And the last one for this week: #19: pencil and marker:

And I got a nice surprise this week! Sweet Carol from "pouring my hart out" nominated me for a Liebster award! I have received this award a few times already, but every time I feel privileged to have my blog chosen. One problem however is that it's getting really hard to find fellow bloggers who want to accept this award. So I'm going to bend the rules a little bit. I'll answer the questions Carol asked me, but I'm not going to nominate other blogs. I think all of you out there in Blogland are great, and I want to give it to every single one of you. So go ahead, if you want it, you can answer the same questions Carol asked me, and pass the award on to others if you want! Hope that's okay with you Carol, and I want you to know I really appreciate the gesture ♥

Okay, here goes (I'll try to keep it short):
1) How did you get into blogging?
When we emigrated to Australia 4 years ago, I started a blog to keep family and friends informed, and I liked it so much that I decided to start one for my art adventures as well.
2) How did you come up with your blog name?
That's easy: the first 3 letters of my first name, and the first 3 letters of my last name :-) It's the name I was already using to sign my paintings.
3) What is the best bit of blogging?
Without a doubt the connections with like-minded people all over the world
4) What is an art/craft you have always wanted to try?
5) Where do you do most of your art?
In my kitchen, and while we're living in my sister's house I have a nice big studio I can use !!
6) What would be your dream job?
Paint and create all day, either alone or together with other people
7) Where is your favorite place in the world?
Phew, there are so many .... I guess one of my most favorite places must be Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia
8) Can you speak more than one language?
Well, growing up in the Flemish part of Belgium we have to learn 4 different languages in highschool: Dutch (mother language), French, English and German. So I speak 4 languages, although I admit my French and German are a bit rusty ;-)
9) Where/how did you learn your art?
By experimenting, doing workshops (online and in person), getting books in libraries and practicing practicing practicing .....(or maybe playing playing playing ☺)
10) What is your favorite film?
That's a difficult one, since I haven't seen a film in ages. I guess "life of Pi" must be one of my favorites....
11) What is your dream for the future?
Being able to live from my art :-)

Phew, that were quite a few questions. Hope I didn't bore you ... I'm linking this as always to Paint Party Friday and to the 29 faces challenge. Hop on over there for some serious eye-candy!

Thanks so much for visiting and supporting me, I love the connections with all of you and hope to get to your blogs this weekend! Have a lovely day, and a weekend without stress!
See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 13 February 2015

Second week of 29 faces

I had forgotten how fast a month goes when you make a face a day. You're so focused on getting your face done that the month is over before you know it. I need to keep in mind that I have to get my video for Soul Food ready by mid March. So I started using my sister and my friend as guinea pigs for trying out my lesson :-) Face #7 is an experiment for my Soul Food lesson:

Face #8: another graphite and marker combi:

Face #9: Lyricsgirl, yes! It has been ages since I made lyricsgirls, and I LOVED it! Expect more of these :-) Lyrics are from Christina Perri:

Face #10: another experiment: watercolour and marker:

Face #11: another watercolour:

And last one for now: face #12: another lyricsgirl:

That's it for now. I'm also working on a new journalpage, but it's not finished yet so that'll be something for next week.

I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday and of course to 29 faces. Hop on over there to have a look at the wonderful work everyone's producing!

Thanks so much for coming here and leaving your lovely comments! It always stimulates me to keep going :-) Hope your day is beautiful, and your weekend filled with love ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 6 February 2015

first week of 29 faces

Participating in a challenge like the 29 faces makes you realize how fast time flies. The first week of February is already over!
Here are all the faces of this week:

Day 1: graphite with black marker
Day 2: watercolour

Day 3: experiment: I took a double page in an old book, put some paint on there and then closed the book while the paint was still wet. Then I searched for a face. Not difficult to find with all that hair ;-)

Day 4: the opposite mirrored page of day 3, here I could see the profile right away

Day 5: another watercolour:

And finally day 6: just trying out different hairstyles. Not very happy with this one, but hey, it's a face :-)

That's it for this week! I had wanted to continue on a new big canvas, but alas, time is escaping me. I did however start experimenting with examples for my Soul Food Lesson in April. That was fun! I only hope I still know how to videotape everything ....

You can still subscribe for Soul Food if you want. The first 2 lessons were aired this week, but all videos are downloadable and available till the end of the year. And even though time flies, that is still a long time away :-)

I am linking this to Paint Party Friday and to 29 faces challenge. Both are exciting challenges/bloghops with lots of wonderful artists. You can participate if you want, or just enjoy all the art on display.

Thanks for visiting and leaving these lovely comments! I wish you a joyful day, and time to enjoy a relaxing weekend ♥ ♥ ♥