Thursday, 21 May 2015

A world that I long to see

I finished my painting! Well, apart from some small details that I still need to do (like finishing the sides and maybe do something with their clothes) I consider it done.

This was such a fun painting to make. I love adding all those small details and twirls and weird animals :-)

I ended up completely changing the face that I did last week. Her face was too small and her neck too long compared to this figure. Now they all have more or less the same size of heads ;-)

I am working on two more backgrounds. Can't wait to start another one!

I started this painting last year when I was still living in Australia. I'll show you the in-progress-pics from the very beginning:

 collage and drips in my favorite colours

more drips in more favorite colours :-)

adding random marks

and some stencilling

and stamps ...

This is the stage it was in when I left Australia. It was a joy to unpack it in the dark and dreary days of winter and I couldn't wait to continue. I added more layers, but regrettably I only took detailpictures and no picture of the whole canvas. So when I started the next layer it looked completely different.

Here I started to draw the figures and fill the background with white.

the white is taking over .....

And here's the finished painting!
"A world that I long to see" - mixed media on canvas - 61x61cm - 24x24 inches

I called it "A world that I long to see", because for me this painting is  about the connection I long for between all living things. It saddens me so much to see how we are destroying our world and the habitat of these wonderful creatures that live with us on this planet. I hope some day the majority of people will realize that the earth is something precious and that our natural resources won't be there forever if we don't start taking care of things. 

And look what arrived in the mail this week ...

Oh, so exciting to see my art in there, in a "real" book!! It's a beautiful thick book with a lot of eye-candy. Here are my 2 journalpages that were selected to be in the book:

Woohoo! It's an honour to be in there with so many great artists. The nice thing is that I know a few of the other artists in there, from workshops that I did, and some I know from my blog. Makes you realize it's a small world :-)

Well, that's it for now. I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow, click on the link to see some wonderful art! Hope you'll have a wonderful Friday, and some nice things to do in the weekend! Thanks so much for your visit, it's really appreciated!

And as always: my funny of the week:

haha, isn't that the way it goes ;-D

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Getting there

I have made good progress on my painting. Finally finished all the white spaces. I tried out different brands of white and in the end found one that covered the background better. Still had to do lots of layers though. I now started working on the faces. Here's the first one:

And here's the whole painting:

Changed a few things here and there that I wasn't so happy with, and now overall I like it better. Still a bit of work to do though.

Also finished some more ACEO's:

 Lyrics from Dire Straits, but I didn't have room to add their name anymore ...

And look how this one looked when I scanned it in:

It's weird: every time I scan something that has fluorescent pink or orange, the colours just disappear...

Okay, that's it for this week. Linking this to Paint Party Friday of course, the weekly party full of gorgeous and interesting art. Go have a look over there, you won't regret it! And I'm also linking to a new art bloghop, this one all about faces. Which, as you know, is my favorite subject to paint/draw/sketch. It's called "Art it Friday-Show your face", and I found it thanks to Linda :-)

Thanks so much for coming to visit me, and I wish you a beautiful day, and a relaxed weekend full of happiness.

Funny for this week:


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Friday, 8 May 2015

Busy busy busy ....

... but not much to show for it ;-) I've been filling in the white background in my big painting, so it's still looking more or less the same. Can't wait to start working on the figures. I am preparing a new background for the same kind of painting, but instead of white I plan on using Payne's Gray. And I've also been putting more layers on my intuitive painting canvas. But like I said: there's not much to show right now ....

I have been making new ACEO's too, but only one's finished. I make the drawings while I'm sitting with my daughter on her bed at night before she goes to sleep. It has taken a while before we took up this habit again, but we both really enjoy it, even if there's only 10 minutes left before she goes to sleep.

This one was made with coloured pencils, markers and acrylics. It's available here.

Today I want to share art from some students in my Soulfood class. Didn't manage to reach everyone, but I got some to share already:

Lloydene calls these her "quirky collage girls". I love it everytime she comes up with yet another creation. You can see more of her wonderful art on her Facebookpage.

Joyce made 2 versions of the same girl, and I love both of them. Can't pick a favorite! You can find more of her beautiful art on her blog.

Amazing faces by Jackie Beeman. Also really love her colourful backgrounds.

And some more by Lloydene.

I really enjoy seeing what my students create. Makes me want to make more workshops, only to see what they will come up with :-)

There's another promotion in my Society6-shop (free worldwide shipping), so I decided to add some more art. Here are some examples:

 iphone skin
 stationary card
 framed art print

I am late this week, but I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday anyway. Thanks so much for visiting! I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of warmth ♥ ♥ ♥

Funny of the week:

lol :-D

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Friday, 1 May 2015

April ... where did you go ?

Another Friday, another month, we're almost halfway the year! Can't believe it. Except for the warmer weather, I don't like it at all that time moves so incredibly fast. I cannot remember that it was like this when I was younger... :-{

Meanwhile, I'm working on several things at the same time. Still painting away with white:

I have almost finished the first layer and added a second layer in some places already. It takes at least 3 layers to completely cover the background. For my next painting in this style I will try another colour instead of white.

Put some more layers on my canvas  for my new intuitive painting. I'm still not seeing any figures emerge, so I keep layering until I do :-)

And I made some more ACEO's. This first one is again mixed media with collage:

But then I also felt like painting one:

Takes some getting used to this small size, but it was fun. I'm a bit done with collage for the moment, it's weird, with me everything always goes in phases: I have my sketching phase, my intuitive painting phase, my collage phase, my journalphase, my markersphase, my coloured pencil phase and so many more ....  Guess I'm in the painting phase right now ... ;-)

And today was the last day to subscribe for Soulfood! It's finished already! Another example of time going too fast. It's good that I have till the end of the year to watch all the video's, since I only saw a few of them yet. The classes are as diverse and creative as their different teachers. It felt wonderful to be part of such a talented and generous group of people. And it was so exciting to see the work my students did after watching my video's. I was a bit late in asking their permission to post it on my blog, but I hope I can show you some examples next week. To start with: this is the page I made as an example for my class in Soulfood:

Well, that's it for this week. Linking this to Paint Party Friday, as always my favorite bloghop. Hope you take a look over there at all the work the artists have done this week! You won't regret it!

Here's my funny for this week:
 hahaha! Overambitious cat ...

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Playing with paint

I'm still working on my canvas, and I've also started putting layers on a new canvas. So many ideas in my head, I just feel like painting and sketching all day. Alas, life gets in the way more often than not...

Here's where I am now:

Once everything is drawn on there, it's quite meditative to colour in the white. It'll need at least two layers before the background is covered enough. Then I can start working on the figures. Looking forward to that.

And here's the new canvas that I'm playing with:

This is the part I love the most: just playing, spattering, dripping, layer after layer after layer, until I see figures starting to emerge :-)

Made a few more ACEO's:

I will probably put these in my Etsyshop. Did you notice my new page on top? I decided to put some of my smaller paintings up for sale on my blog. Need to keep practicing putting paypal-buttons on my blog, right!? ;-)

This week Dawn DeVries Sokol's new book : "A world of artist journal pages" was published, and I'm proud to say I'm in it!! Can't wait to flip through it (it'll only be available in Europe next week), it looks like a great tool for inspiration. So nice too that quite a few of my internetfriends are in there as well, and even some people I met personally. So cool!

You can even see a small part of one of my journalpages on the backcover (upper right corner) :-D

Okay, it's after midnight here, time to dive into my bed. I'll link this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your wonderful comments!Wishing you a fun weekend ahead of you, and some more sunshine to enjoy! (I love all the spring-like paintings on all the blogs! So clear that everyone is over the moon that the cold and ice are behind us for now ...)

lol :-)

See you next week! ♥ ♥ ♥