Thursday, 3 March 2016

Preparing for the market

As promised, here's the mosaic I made from all the faces I did this month for the 29 faces challenge:

And an overview of the faces from last week:
Number 26: another scribble-face:

Number 27: made with a tool called Harmony: great fun, check it out here. It's free!
Day 28: another rock-face

And the last one, number 29: weirdo :-)

This whole week I have been busy preparing for the market that I will be attending this weekend. I painted quite a few stones:

And tried out something new with dotpainted mirrors:

And I also made a new wallpaper for my newsletter-subscribers. And for you too :-)

This is the wallpaper:

And you can download it here!

That's it for this week! I will be linking this for the last time to 29 faces, and to Paint Party Friday and Show your Face.

I will be offline for the next few weeks. We want to move into our new home by the beginning of April, and there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. Plus I need to start packing ... :-p

I want to thank all of you who visit me here. Your comments are truly appreciated. Here's a funny to end this week:

that's me .... ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful day, and lots of fun in the weekend. I'll be back in a few weeks time! 
Take care ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, 29 February 2016

29 faces challenge: last one!

Woohoo, I made it: 29 faces in 29 days! At times it was tough but in the end, as always, I'm happy I participated and got a lot of practice. Also tried out a few new things, like the weird faces and the scribble faces. Sad that it's over but also relieved. Here's my last face: a weirdo :-)

I hope to be able to visit all participants in the next few days. Thanks to all who followed my face-making process, I appreciate all comments! I'll be back on Thursday with a mosaic of all my faces :-)

See you then ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, 28 February 2016

29 faces: three more

Phew, it was hard this weekend to get my faces done. So many things to do, it's always hard for me to do any art in the weekend.On Friday I made another scribble-face:

For some reason he reminds me of President Obama :-) Albeit a very sad-looking Obama .... Probably getting depressed by all the people voting for Trump. Can't blame him ... Even I am getting depressed by that! I'm still trying to make a female scribble face, but no success so far. Somehow they always turn out like men ...

The second one is a very quick one made with a new tool that I discovered yesterday thanks to Susupetal. It's called Harmony and it's something similar to Scribbler. Haven't had time to explore it but it looks like I'll be having lots of fun with it :-) It's free and you can find it here!
 Last one is another rock, for my market next weekend:

Only one more face to go!! Can't believe another month is gone already! I'll be posting it tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting, see you tomorrow! ♥

Thursday, 25 February 2016

29 faces almost over ....

Only 4 more faces to go! The month has gone by too fast again. Oh well, at least I have a whole bunch of faces to make up for it :-)

For yesterday's and today's face I painted rocks again. The first weekend of March I will be doing a market, and I needed some more stock for that. Here they are: faces number 24 and 25:

I love coming up with different weird faces all the time :-) This really is a perfect way to let your imagination go wild!

And here are last week's faces.

Face nr 19: watercolour and marker

Face number 20: another miniature-painting. I will be adding a quote to this one....

And number 21: scribble-face, yes! I love doing these!

Number 22: Finally another journalpage again. Too long ago that I played in my journal....

And face 23: another weird one :-)

Linking up to Paint Party Friday, to Show your Face and to 29 faces. Hop on over there for some serious eye-candy :-)

Here's my funny for this week:

hahaha! Love the minions :-)

Thanks for  stopping by and for taking the time to comment. It's highly appreciated!
Enjoy your weekend ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

29 faces: numbers 22 and 23!

Today I finished a face that I had started in my artjournal after making the miniature painting in the weekend. I had some leftover paint and since I don't particularly like browns and skintones as backgroundcolours, I thought I'd just make a new face with them. I only had skintone, titan buff and dark brown left, and proceeded to make a face so ghostly that it almost scared me. So I added a bit of red under the eyes, which actually made her look even more like a ghost, but something held me back from giving her more pinky cheeks. I kinda liked the ghostlike appearance :-)

Yesterday's face is another weirdo :-)

That's it for now! I'll be back on Thursday. Thanks for stopping by ♥

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Faces number 19, 20 and 21

I almost didn't manage to post today, but in the nick of time, here they are: my faces from Friday until today Sunday :-)

Here's Friday's face: another watercolour - marker combination

Face number 20: miniature-painting: acrylics and collage

And today's face is another scribble-drawing :-)

That's it for now! Thanks for visiting, I'll come by your blogs tomorrow! ♥

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Still doing faces .....

I had been thinking about starting another painting this week, but I've been too busy with the 29 faces challenge. It always amazes me how much time it takes to produce a face every single day. Even though I had planned to not pressure myself and just draw a circle with 2 circles in it on days that I don't have time, I find I can't do that. So what I do now is on days I have a bit more time I start several faces at once, an then I can finish them on days I have less time. It works for me, even though it's still hard work sometimes. But it's also very rewarding, because I get a lot of practice and at the end of the month I'm left with 29 faces to use and re-use in my art :-)

That said, here's my face for today: another weirdo ;-)

And yesterday's face, a miniature-painting, acrylics on canvasboard

And here are this week's faces:

Number12: yes .... weirdo .... ;-)

Number 13: watercolour sketch

Number 14: scribble-face (I'm having so much fun with these :-) )

Number 15: another miniature-painting: acrylics on canvasboard

Number 16: another scribble-face
That's it for this week. Linking to Paint Party Friday and to 29 faces, and to Show your Face. Thanks so much for visiting, and for those of you also participating in the 29 faces challenge: keep going! We're more than halfway! (eeek! meaning February is almost over ....)

I'll leave you with this funny for this week. Well, actually it's not really a funny, but I love it so much and I want to share it with you :-)

Wishing you a lovely day, and a beautiful weekend! ♥ ♥ ♥