ACEO's for sale

These original ACEO's are all mixed media on paper. They measure 6.4 x 8.9 cm (3.5"x2.5") and are sealed with a matte varnish. They are signed on the back and will be shipped from Belgium within 3 working days. The watermark you see on the images here is for copyright purposes only, it is not visible on the original artwork. They are all 5,50 EUR, this includes worldwide shipping.

denthe ACEO touch the sky nr1
every word you ever spoke
I've finally let you go nr2
I'm much stronger than you know nr3
for me it isn't over nr4
so lonely
I have sheltered my heart nr6
sweet silver lining nr5
my heart inside your hand nr7
denthe ACEO a moment lost forever gone nr 6
denthe ACEO there is a crack in everything nr8

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  1. Your ACEOs are gorgeous! I love your style. Do you put yours in a sleeve or in plastic?


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